Everyone needs a Remind-er

By Michael Yon 6 Min Read

Everybody needs a reminder every now and then. People live for comfort, and constantly trying to remember something during a busy schedule can be an annoying task.

Those who have already entered the workforce may not need too many outside reminders about their work, because most of the time their work is sure to remind them of its own volition; if what they do is important to everyday operations, then they can’t afford to miss something.

Students, on the other hand, are a different story. A teacher or a professor is only required to do so much when it comes to reminding students of the work they need to accomplish. As long as their work and due dates are already on a schedule that their teacher or professor has given them, then students can’t really expect much in the way of friendly reminders. Sure, they could always go ask their teacher or professor about their due dates, but then, that just translates into one more thing that they need to remember to do. Also, typically, students are typically younger and may not always have the skills necessary to juggle schoolwork, social media, meeting with friends, going to class, potential health issues, extracurricular activities, and even jobs of their own.

So, it seems that students could use a way to make remembering due dates for their schoolwork a bit easier. Luckily enough for them, the creativity of our modern-day society knows no bounds. A website and app called Remind might have an answer to this problem.

Remind is designed to keep students, teachers, and professors connected outside of the classroom. You might start to ask yourself if this is a social app for students and teachers to use to contact each other. The answer is “not exactly.” Remind will allow teachers and professors to send their students reminders about the schoolwork they need to complete.

Some quotes directly from their website show exactly what I mean:

“Most of my students have come up to me and told me that my Remind messages were the only reason they completed the assignment because they would have forgotten about it over a long weekend. It’s also made parent connection easier. Being able to communicate in a quick, effective way has made me a better educator.” – Tiffany Kannengiezser, teacher and technology coordinator at William Penn High School, DE.

“I use Remind for every aspect of my education. Academically, I get updates and reminders from my teachers. In my extracurriculars, it’s a great way to highlight upcoming meetings, activities, and events. And, as the cofounder of a nonprofit organization, Bark in the Park KTX, I use Remind to call for volunteers and keep them up to date.” – Mary Margaret Burniston, high school junior at Tivy High School, TX.

I said that this app could be used for teachers and professors, but this statement may have been misleading. Remind is fairly new, and is currently mostly used by high school classrooms. While this may be true, as a college student myself, I would concede that this app would be highly useful for college students. While the life of a high school student may seem hectic while you’re living it, I can guarantee that the life of college student can get vastly more complicated. That being said, there are variety of opportunities that Remind can explore.

We all need a reminder every now and then. The lives of students can be unpredictably complicated at times, and they don’t need to be further complicated by trying to remember a deadline that’s due months after it was first mentioned. Remind can help them with that.

“I appreciate the short Remind texts about a lesson that was taught so that I can initiate a conversation about a specific moment from the school day. They’ve helped to change the conversation with my child at home from ‘Eh, my day was fine’ to one where they share details — and at times, excitement — about what they learned.” – Gwen Pescatore, mom of three and PTO president, PA.

Oh, and one more thing. Parents can use Remind as well. This perhaps isn’t the most useful thing for a college student, but for parents with younger childen, it can be quite useful when it comes to their communication involving school.


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