Secret Travel Lets You Travel for Less

By Nicole Fryer 4 Min Read

Wouldn’t it be great to pack up and travel anywhere in the world? While that dream may sound tempting, there’s probably a lot of things holding you back, including the cost to fly to wherever, plus the cost to stay in a hotel. Of course, there’s many travel sites promising to find you the best rates possible, and many of those websites are very competitive when it comes to pricing. However, there’s a new app that’s promising to beat the competitors and give its users the best rate possible.

Secret Travel is an up and coming app that promises to save you money. While it may be hard for some to believe the pricing and promises from Secret Travel, their website says, “We believe the greatest moments spent traveling are not spent within the confines of an airplane or hotel, but immersed in a new place; in the unfamiliar, the unexplored, the unknown. We’re here to share our secret: traveling with incredible deals that provide you memories, not monotony.”

But how can they promise such good pricing? They say they have three major secrets: Error fares, which is when airlines and hotels make pricing errors, which can lead to some major saving. When Secret Travel finds these errors, there will be a notification sent to you so you can take advantage of the great deals.

Secret Two? They also focus on last minute deals – hotels and airlines can’t make money if they have unused rooms or seats, so they’ll do anything to fill them. While we all can’t be very flexible or spontaneous, these deals won’t work for everyone, but if you can be, then take advantage!

Their final secret? Flash sales! Many airlines and hotels like to have sales to attract potential customers, and it often works out in our favor. However, sometimes flash sales happen so fast, we miss out on them. Secret Travel will keep track of who is having flash sales, and will alert you so you don’t miss out.

Worried about getting unwanted notifications? No need to worry, as Secret Travel’s system is designed for its users, and will only notify you about deals you’re looking for. No need to worry about going through hundreds of unwanted notifications.

While the app is not available for download yet, it will be available in the App Store and Google Play soon. If you visit their website, you can provide your first name and your email to gain early access to Secret Travel. While their website shows examples of trips, like San Francisco to Thailand for only $350, and Canada to France for $450, there’s no telling what other deals may be unleashed. Don’t worry, as their deals involve many U.S. cities, as well as other cities around the world.

Until the app is released (or if you sign up for early access), you can see current deals on their Twitter and Instagram pages. If you see something that catches your eye, don’t worry, as the deals will be available upon the app launch. If you have any questions or want more details, you can always drop them a message.

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