Feelter Helps You Engage with Consumers Through Reviews

By Sandra Prieto 5 Min Read

Oh, the holidays! The busiest shopping time of the year. Between family, work, and life, shopping the traditional way can be a bit of a challenge for many. Most of us resort to the flexibility of online shopping. You are almost guaranteed to find anything you are looking for online, but how do you trust the person or business on the other side of the screen? The answer is simple: reviews!

Nowadays, reading online reviews is common when deciding if a product or service are worth the money. Consumers trust online reviews as much – and often times more than – they trust the advice from friends and family. For some consumers, a site that does not provide a review for their products or service is not trustworthy, and often times go elsewhere. According to BrightLocal, 97 percent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017. This is an impressive number, considering the fact that most online reviews are from complete strangers.

Good or bad, a company needs the right blend of reviews on their site to increase the chances of getting those pages ranked on search engines, remain transparent to their customer, and most of all, reduce shopping cart abandonment rate. But with little or conflicting reviews out there, the everyday consumer does not have time to search the web for all relevant information about a product or service they are looking to buy. This is where Feelter comes in.

Feelter is platform that enables online retailers to automatically aggregate consumer feedback from review sites and social networks, presenting the data in a simple screen layover next to every product on the e-tailer site.

Smadar Landau started the company after a frustrating online shopping experience. Landau wanted to buy a GoPro, but said she “couldn’t find enough relevant information or found conflicting reviews. And then, it hit me: what if I could create a platform that consolidated everything said about a product from all across the Internet, so consumers could have informative, accurate information?”

The Tel Aviv startup has raised over $4 million in funding, and, as they put it, “brings the most authentic, relevant, un-manipulated wisdom of the crowd from social networks right to the products, helping back the customers’ micro-moment decisions, without them ever having to leave the company page.”

So how does it work? Feelter searches and gathers millions of social media mentions. Then, their technology analyzes and filters all relevant information to ensure reliability and quality. The relevant data transforms into one clickable score reflecting the true social media mentions of the product or service. Finally, their smart algorithms select the most engaging content, revealing the full picture in a minimal amount of mentions.

This tool provides multiple powerful features, such as seamless integration with a simple line of script, plug, and play. The interactive widget is fully-customizable to fit any company’s needs. Feelter provides analytics with the most significant insights and breakdown of customers behavior. User generated content such as mentions, photos, and videos are brought to the customer in real-time. The company brings consumers everything that is posted on social media and is relevant to what they are looking for and displays it within this one widget. Feelter believes that by allowing consumers to have the information they are looking for right at their fingertips with user generated data such as videos and photos, they will help keep consumers on the site longer, shortening their decision cycle, and boosting companies’ sales.

Feelter can be embedded in every touch point of an organization. Whether it be online, in apps, or in store, Feelter is not just about aggregating reviews or trying to convince consumers – it is about bringing them the truth, because the company feels, quite rightly, that the “truth serve brands far better than manipulations.”

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