4 Best Radar Detectors Currently On The Market

By Michael McGrady 5 Min Read

We’ve all done it. Having that "lead foot" You’re driving exceedingly fast without realizing it. Everyone has driven over the speed limit at least once in their life while risking a police citation. And, that’s why you should consider reading forward.

We’ve researched the top four best radar detectors available on the market so that you could make the most informed decision possible. Once you purchase one of these devices and install it in your car, you’ll be able to resist speed traps and have peace of mind knowing that you can avoid a speeding ticket.

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These are the four best radar spotters that you can buy right now:

1. Valentine One

Hands down, Valentine One–a concept built on X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka detection algorithms–is, for the price, one of the most advanced radar detectors currently available. Offering 360-degree protection from all types of police laser bands, the Valentine One has several built-in antennas to enhance the accuracy of the device.

The only downside to the Valentine One device is that it doesn’t rely on GPS positioning and initial setup can be challenging. This is especially the case if you’re lacking Bluetooth and smartphone integration.

You can buy a Valentine One device on Amazon.com for $469.50.

2. Escort Passport 9500 iX

The Escort Passport 9500 iX is the best radar detector device for most surface roads and side highways. Though the oldest model in Escort’s iX series, the Passport 9500 features all of the "essentials."

With digital signal filtering and its K-band false alarm mitigation, Escort allows drivers to know the difference between false and actual radar alarms. An escort can be integrated with Bluetooth and GPS to achieve accuracy while detecting instant-on radar signals. The only downside that we could identify was how bright light conditions clash the colors of the device’s OLED, multichromatic screen.

A new Escort Passport 9500 iX is available on Amazon.com for $329.00.

3. Uniden R3

The Uniden R3 is the king of range when it comes to radar detectors. Considered an Amazon Choice on the e-commerce giant’s platform and a newcomer to the radar monitoring space, Uniden has developed its R3 device to be cutting edge.

From red light camera alerts to 360-degree digital signal processing, the R3 has K-band signal filtering and amplified radar detection based on distance approach. Utilizing an automatically updated GPS database, the location services behind the R3 are some of the best in the industry and provides for a premium radar product for a reasonable price. The colored OLED display is the only issue, meaning that the device is lacking further display features.

Buy your Uniden R3 on Amazon.com for $429.99.

4. Beltronics GT-7

Our last entry is the Beltronics GT-7, the most comfortable radar detector for users to configure. Featuring the "essentials" the best radar detectors have, the GT-7 features GPS-backed acceleration accuracy to prevent false signal alarms. Additionally, the magnetic mounting system makes this gadget one of the easiest to install.

Further, users of the GT-7 receive a considerable amount of data for a customer. With straightforward tools and features, this device is also one that has high calculations of ease-of-use through effortlessly controlling power, volume, SEN, BRT, and MRK, for example. Plus, the speed of the detection alert system is quick.

The only downside is that the manufacturer warranty provided to customers is reasonably short and covers the only structural damage.

Though currently, out of stock on Amazon.com, a Beltronics GT-7 starts at $499.95.

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