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Michael McGrady is a libertarian journalist and consultant. He has credits in the South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, and other outlets nationwide and abroad.
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4 Best Radar Detectors Currently On The Market

By Michael McGrady

We've all done it. Having that "lead foot" You're driving exceedingly fast without realizing it. Everyone has driven over the

Consumers Don’t Need To Be Worried About Smart Home Tech

By Michael McGrady

You've seen the headlines, right? Ever since the launch of popular smart home products and there growth as a major

The Quilo 3 in 1 Fan Is Quite An Innovative Product

By Michael McGrady

When Quilo launched as a run-of-the-mill Kickstarter initiative, no one would've expected this product to make such an impact. With

Our Candid Interview With Reloquence CEO Megan Eskey

By Michael McGrady

Reloquence is a new influencer marketing startup in its pre-launch phase that seeks to revolutionize how influencer marketing impacts tech,

Top 10 U.S. States For Tech Innovation

By Michael McGrady

WalletHub, earlier this year, published a report entitled "2018’s Most & Least Innovative States." This report ranks all 50 U.S.

Taiwan Seeks to Regulate Mobile App Users and Online Gamers

By Michael McGrady

The Taiwanese government recently ordered new consumer protection regulations to curtail fraud and other predatory actions over members of the

Texas Researcher Granted Funds to Research Wearable Tech Applications in Mental Health

By Michael McGrady

In recent years, wearable technology has proliferated in the health and biotech spaces. Many researchers across academic and technical fields

Ripple Partners With Startups To Launch “Xpring”

By Michael McGrady

The creators of Ripple, the world's third-largest cryptocurrency after the growingly centralized Bitcoin and the developer preferred Ethereum, have announced