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Why choose to use a gig site that is not so popular as some others is a great question. In many circumstances popularity doesn’t coincide with quality or consistency. Some of these Gig sites can bring in a more niche cliental aimed at a geographical region or an industry specifically. Bringing these elements to a freelance site can bring the best backlinks and being a more related site to a certain topic does help with rankings and influence.

Influencers are ones who lead crowds in a directions and can be ready to start or finish fads. Directory sites can help people find influencers that can help get their messages out so that NEWS or trends can be changed or enhanced. You don’t need to be a Pop Star or a mega movie icon to be an influencer these days. Many influencers are people who have seen a niche and started a following others dared not to touch. For instance a girl from Vancouver BC started a cosmetic Chanel about people with darker skin tone and how actual make up products worked for her demographic, now she gets triple digits for her to test certain beauty products out.

Industry Army Marketing(IAM) is one of these companies that is forging their way by building industry specific directories that highlight products and services in each industry. Becoming an influencer on your niche through these blog style directories becomes much easier than doing it on your own. IAM has a free dofollow directory submission sites list service so that influencers and service providers can reach their audiences from this free service.

This is all being done at the same time as setting up a freelance service. The two go hand in hand more than one might think. People and businesses using these services will understand that reaching out to the world is hard, but finding their niche could be this much easier now.

Why join IAM with so many other Freelancer sites out there? First off IAM offers use of their Industry specific directory sites for others to benefit with a 20% commission back for each successful sign up for as long as they stay with the company. Also IAM offers a 5% lifetime percentage to the company. IAM is here to help build your business with the hundreds of sites owned operated by IAM.

Join your Industry and have an Army to help market your goods or services to the top of Google. And take pride in your work with the freedom to work on gigs you like in industries that you love. Not only will you join the Industry Army Marketing site but you can post gigs on other sites within the network and have the chance to promote yourself on many other IAM platforms. Make sure you make use of the high page rank, high domain authority and high quality dofollow directory backlinks websites to increase the authority of a blog and/or websites

Join the many entrepreneurs around the world looking to be self employed and work at their own schedules. Self employed web developers are making great money working on freelance sites and keeping people and companies happy as they give clients the best value for money spent. So how is the Vancouver SEO Agency able to get traction against all the tech giants already in this gig space?

IAM is run by a Domainer and a SEO consultant, and this combination will bring forth a new kind of tech company. A company that has used the use of Freelancers for many years and has been able to find some of the best Gigs to rank against many other large SEO companies in Canada and the USA. With this and the other employees that have been online marketers since the beginning of the internet they know a change is about to happen.

And content and hub sites are they key to a new kind of SEO company. Volume and quality are they key to survive and thrive in this Amaze era, and making a decentralized system like IAM is delivering is going to be the key to winning at business in 2018 and beyond. Join the Industry Army now.

We need your help, and you can help yourself and the people around you by building a kind of MLM with the 20% kick back that will be used in the Industry specific directory service that will have only one client in region represented with a high level URL that will be Geo targeted to bring the best value to their clients.

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