Go Green and Autonomous With IOTomation Ecotech

By Vivek Chakraverty 5 Min Read

There has been a concentrated effort to realize the dream of 90 smart cities in the last two years. This effort is part of the Indian government’s larger plan of creating smart cities. But this effort is likely to go in vain if people do not come up with smart solutions to some very enduring pain points as faced by the people.

It is in this scenario that IOTomation Ecotech steps in. It is an IoT or Internet of Things based startup which intelligently manages buildings and energy. It makes use of the latest tech like AI and cloud computing as well as analytics to provide an innovative solution and make buildings prepared to stand firm as we push forward the gates of the 21st century.

The basic tech has been acquired from AllGreen Ecotech and the IOTomation has created its top layer in order to make it ready to meet the demands of the market, confides Dharmendra Rathore, who is the founder of the startup.

The startup makes the use of the very latest in the world of technology to offer three new age NA products which happen to be NA iBEMS which is a software component, NA iCommand which is a service and NA-iDDC which happens to be hardware related.

The full form of NA iBEMS is New Age Intelligent Building and Energy Management Solution. This software lets you host an integrated stack of management, intelligence and command center of buildings. The solution is comprehensive and you can monitor the whole of the operations visually from a single dashboard in real time with the help of the intelligence and analytics features built into NA iBEMS.

All of the important information is displayed on a single screen and there is provision to create different widgets for different user types. With the help of the command center feature, you get to know all operational discrepancies and real-time calculation of its impact. You get a comprehensive digest of the various issues at any moment. This eases the process of timely diagnosis and follow-ups with corrective and preventive action considerably.

With the help of the New Age Intelligent Command system, one can monitor and manage energy. With it, you can control, command and monitor the analytics data center for the distributed assets of the user, remotely. With this solution, you get real-time data analytics which also facilitates preemptive and preventive action and help you to take more intelligent decisions. With NA iCommand, you get greater control and visibility of the many areas of consumption of energy, its scheduling, and the set points, as well as the parameters that drive the energy efficiency of the building and thereby ultimately reduce the cost of operations.

NA iDDC stands for New Age Intelligent Direct Digital Control. With it, you can control sensors and your equipment far better than otherwise. The board combines flexibility with precision control. It can be configured and also has responsive control abilities which make it ideal for a wide range of controlled environments like Green Houses, BMS and Cold Chains, etc.

IOTomation Ecotech was launched in 2016, with the goal of making IoT-based automation both reliable and affordable. It was only in the recent past that the startup started taking bookings and already has two orders booked. “IOTomation has built its team very consciously, looking at existing skill gaps and future skill set requirement,” says Dharmendra.

The company got seed funding for an undisclosed amount and is readying itself for a Series A round in the beginning of the following year.

In order to develop its products, the company is incubated in the Electropreneur Park which is a government-backed electronics incubator. After incubation, the company received a grant of Rs. 3 lakh. Currently, the company is generating its revenue by selling the iBEMS on a Pay-As-You-Use model. This model makes the product more reliable as well as affordable for customers.

“We would like to create a network of system integrators and expand pan-India and also to other countries in the Middle East, APAC and in South Africa. We are setting up a Network Operating center for buildings, which will help our customers handle operations and maintenance remotely,” reveals Dharmendra.

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