How to Manage Your Google Location History?

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Smartphone; a device designed to do complicated jobs simply, the impressive technology that has brought dramatic, yet important changes in our life. From the bedroom to your kitchen, you will feel how it has become a part of your life. It’s not just a phone, but also a combo pack with lots of high tech facilities. For example, Google location history makes our movement more convenient than ever.

It became a guide to say which route is the best to reach the destination. So, you won’t get lost even if you are alone.  It lets you know what is your exact location and where have you been lately.

Easing Up Travelling with Google Location History

Google location is not only to reveal the identity of unknown places or the routs but also give you more options to choose what you want from it. In 2015, this feature was unpacked from Google to let us know how much easier it is now to find the right path in our journey. Moreover, Google location history will tell about our past movements. Furthermore, you can control this facility with a few simple settings. However, managing Google location history is not a tough job certainly.

There are few basic things you must know to control the Google location history like the way to see it,  way to turn off, way to track, way to change and way to clear it. So, let’s have a glance at it.

Google location history is found in google maps

Way to see

Every mobile phone that has android OS, has a Google map installed by default. First of all, you have to launch the google map app. After launching it, there is a menu bar hiding under the “More button” on the top side of the left corner of the apps. This button indicates by three horizontal lines. Now, tap it to expand the options. Here, an option called “Your timeline”. From this option, you will find the previous history. For this, you need to tap into a calendar icon from where a user can point the specific date to view history.

Even a user can select the month from the calendar as well. Finally, tap the date and see the previous history of your traveling with length, duration, the overall journey in the same way.

Way to turn off

A user has the power to turn on and off the Google location history. But most of the users keep it turned off to save the battery life of the mobile phone. You can control it from your account. So, you just need to find the right way to turn it off or on as you do for the other account of social media. First of all, go to your google account. There are many sections but select the “Location History” setting. Here you will find some other options to control.

However, you will find the list of the devices that continuously reporting about the location history. All this report can be shown by google. Now, turn the option off to stop sending the report. But, remember that, only that device will stop to deliver the report of location history which is deactivated under “This device” option.

How to Manage Your Google Location History?

Way to delete Location History

Google map timeline stores all your previous movement track and routes. So, you can see the history at any time you want. But Google Maps offers the user to take control over it. At present, a user can easily delete the location or history of a specific day or month. At the same time, it ensures the user more controlling power. You can get four types of options to delete the location history. So I’m going to tell it you step by step. 

Delete all Google Location History

Picture: Delete all Location History

  • Delete all history: You can delete all the history till today with a few clicks. For this,  open the Google map apps. Now, expand the option by clicking the menu button. Here, you will find the setting and privacy options. You have to go “Location setting” after clicking on ‘Setting and Privacy’. Tap the “delete all location history”.
  • Delete a range: This deleting process can be done in the same you as you have deleted the whole location history. After going to the “Setting and privacy” option, click the location setting. Here you just need to tap “Delete location history range”. Now you can delete a range of history.
  • Delete a day: To delete the location history of a day or any specific day of a month, just go the “Your timeline” and tap to the calendar. From this calendar, select the specific day of the month and tap to ‘delete day’. You are done with it.
  • Delete a stop: To do this, go to your timeline in Google map. Now tap in the “Show calendar” option. Select the day and then stop in addition to deleting. Here you will find the stops. Select the stop that you want to delete from that day. Now tap the “Delete” button.

In conclusion, a user will not able be to see the history if it is once deleted from the timeline. So, be careful when you’re going to do it.


Google location is not only for telling you where you need to go or what is your position but also lets to know other people about your experience and route that you travel. But sharing is not the only thing that people avail as a facility of it. Sometimes they want to wipe out a few things. As a result, Google offers people more and more control over the map and the user’s location.

At present, people can easily remove the history in a portion or whole from the map. Now a day, managing Google location history is not a tough job. So, remove your track from the overview of your travels is easy with some simple steps as I discussed earlier in this article.

Finally, enjoy your day with a mobile phone without sharing or getting your location/movement recorded.

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