How Many Maps Are In Overwatch? (List of All 21 Maps)

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Overwatch maps are the coolest part of this most popular first-person shooting game. All these maps are offering different gaming experiences.

Every location comes with different objectives and targets. To win the game, players need to complete it. Without understanding maps, your concept won’t be clear for the game. Some of them are small in size and some are special.

Through these maps, a player will travel from tech town to the snowy slopes of Nepal. Everything is here but understanding all these maps helps you find the secrets to make your strategy to win the game.

Overwatch Maps: How Many of Them Are Available To play?

In 2016, the first-person shooting game Overwatch made history in the gaming industry. Since the debut, this game has come with new things. As a result, we found different maps that are an important part of this game.

More than 21 maps are there which are unique in characteristics like play styles, opportunities, strategy, secrets, and many more. The developers of this game don’t make all these maps with an equal flow.

Sometimes playing with the offensive team helps in these maps to win the game and sometimes you need a defensive team. It all depends on which maps you are playing.

Lots of unbalanced things make it hard to understand all of them. But we are here to help you.

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Maps of Overwatch: Discover More of It

For the new player of Overwatch, Maps are the most important part to understand. Maybe you are playing on the same map again and again.

In this case, you need to know about all other maps because more than a dozen of them are available opportunities and different experiences. First of all, get a brief overview of every battleground.


These maps are focused on the attack. A player needs a team to find out the specific objective and attack them. It’s to get control over different points. But this is a time trial mode.

Control Point

It needs two teams to gain a charge of the targeted control point. The best part of these maps is, over time all the points get captured.


Using proximity, one team needs to push another one. This is the main theme of Escort maps.


This is a combination of Assault and Escort maps. Following the combination, one needs to get the charge of the control point in a short time. After that, the team needs to escort a payload. Until it reaches its destination, a team cannot win the game.

Overview of Overwatch Maps:

We picked all the maps randomly. This is the best way to introduce it as the game does. Here we go.

  1. Ayutthaya
  2. Black Forest
  3. Blizzard World
  4. Busan
  5. Castillo
  6. Château Guillard
  7. Dorado
  8. Ecopoint: Antarctica
  9. Eichenwalde
  10. Hanamura
  11. Havana
  12. Hollywood
  13. Horizon Lunar Colony
  14. Ilios
  15. Junkertown
  16. Kanezaka
  17. King’s Row
  18. Lijiang Tower
  19. Necropolis
  20. Nepal
  21. Numbani

Every map has a different impact on the game. A few of them are explained below to understand why they are the best map in Overwatch.


This map is all about exploring the Aegean Sea of Greece. It’s a Mediterranean town and ideal for vacation. It’s a town of artifacts. Not only that, all the heritage sites make the town more beautiful.

Players will get a different turn here. Every turn depends on the section of the map. These sections are Lighthouse, Ruins, and Well.

Picture: Ilios

King’s Row

Most of the players admire King’s Row as one of the best and ideal Overwatch maps. Different parameters make it perfect for this game. The design of this map draws the attention of every player.

To make it more dramatic it comes with a sense of progression. It doesn’t have much open space to move. So, players need to go forward with the best strategy to win the game.

It doesn’t offer enough room where attackers and defenders can accomplish their plans. No doubt, in Overwatch this is the ideal place to counter and kill.

King's Row in Overwatch maps
Picture: King’s Row

Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower is the place where some historical fights are conducted. The atmosphere is dramatic but no place to hide. This map is the best place for close combat. It drives players against the player.

For the snipers, we considered it heaven. To win matches on such a map, Junkrat and Mei are the best players to pick.

How Many Maps Are In Overwatch? (List of All 21 Maps)
Picture: Lijiang Tower


Overwatch offers a place that is full of glitz and glamour. Yes, we are talking about Hollywood. This place never loses its appeal. Somehow the developers made this map one of the best-balanced maps in overwatch.

For the snipers and turrets, plenty of space is available here including high ground. But without being clever, the stealthiest character could die here easily. So, be careful when you are in Hollywood.

Hollywood in Overwatch maps
Picture: Hollywood


Some maps told the story of Overwatch. Eichenwalde is one of these. The design is cool and easy to understand the story behind it. No other map tells us such a thing in this game. It’s an abandoned place where buildings are old and collapsed.

We saw how plant life is growing slowly. Secret tunnels, bridges, and many other elements help a player to adopt a new strategy to play on this map.

Picture: Eichenwalde

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In overwatch, Nepal is the only classic map that is full of possibilities. First of all, it offers different entryways. A player won’t get frustrated when playing on this map. It also has plenty of checkpoints. The bad side is, most of the control points are tiny to hold. But playing here is very engaging for the teams.

Overwatch maps cast nepal in the game
Picture: Nepal


Overwatch is adding more and more maps in their storyline to make the game more interesting to the player. As a result, this game got a huge number of maps.

Not all Overwatch maps are equal in design, storytelling method, and strategy. Even fewer of them are best to offer satisfaction. Some maps are full of opportunities and some are hard to understand.

So, we’ve ranked all these maps considering a different point of view. If you love to play defensive then some maps are best and some are not. So, which map has the best appeal to you depends on you.

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