iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone

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If I ask you, what do you consider as extremely essential to carry with while you go out, what will you answer? Sounds rhetorical, right? Yeah, it’s your phone. Everyone wants to make their phone unique in every possible aspect. But Wallpaper is the thing that can be changed easily with a single tap of your mobile. If you are an iPhone user, then there are lots of options available for you. Nowadays, live wallpaper has become one of the popular features for the iPhone.

It can get you the feeling of your phone screen being alive that still photograph and any other wallpaper can’t. On the internet, you will find lots of iPhone live wallpapers, apps that came up with some super cool features that you’d like to know. Let’s have a glance over them.

However, getting live wallpaper for the iPhone is as easy as getting any other regular wallpapers. In multiple platforms, anyone can find tools to download such wallpaper. Before you do it you have to ensure that your iPhone supports the live wallpaper.

Moreover searching for live wallpaper online might be time a killing and lengthy process until you do not find any suitable website.

People are moving in another way that is tricky and easiest. It can also save you plenty of time with various types of options to select live wallpaper for your iPhone.

So, I’m telling about the apps that are specially programmed for searching and download wallpapers. But the question is which apps you should select to download best live wallpaper. This briefing will get you the ideas about picking the right one up.

Live Wallpapers Forever

If you need some great collection of live wallpaper, then check out the Live Wallpaper Forever app. This is one of the most favorite apps for iPhone users. If you are confused to select the best one, then this app will help you by showing all the wallpaper in various categories.

So making a decision will be easier for the users.  Most popular categories are Popular, Free, Trending Animals, Abstract and many more. To get the best support, the iPhone user has an option to buy the pro version for live wallpaper. But it won’t cause you any disappointment over finding out the right wallpaper for sure.

iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone
Install (Free, /$7.99 month)

Black Lite – Live Wallpapers

For some of the models of iPhones, this app surely is the best. If you have iPhone X, iPhone Xs or iPhone XS Max, then this app is the one you are looking for to install live wallpapers. Most of the iPhone users love the dark mood for live wallpaper. But it’s hard to find such wallpapers.

These types of wallpapers are also good in saving the battery. Black is just not a color for live wallpaper but also can make a huge difference in the overall looks of the iPhone screen.

This app, on its own, is extraordinary live wallpaper that comes in black. In the middle of the wallpaper, there is a morphing gem which is alive, which will your phone a better external view. Latest iPhones are made of AMOLED screens, so these wallpapers look just amazingly gorgeous on these screens.

iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone
Install: (Free /$ 0.99 month)

Wow Pixel:

If you are an iPhone user, then you must know about this app called Wow Pixel. The Basic features of this app are it 8-bit adventures for wallpapers. If you are looking for something unique with live features, then this app is a better option for you.

But there is a limitation with this app and that is there are only a few heroes. All these heroes are distinctive with their story arc. Yes, you will get all in your display.

One of the unique aspects of this app is all these wallpapers are related to emotion, which is often absent with other regular wallpapers. Even anyone can select live wallpaper to define their moods. This wallpaper is perfect for the latest model of iPhones, but some older models also have the best result as well.


iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone


This one is another good app for live wallpaper for iPhone users. This app will allow you to take more control over their selected wallpaper for their iPhone. This app also has an option to create own live wallpaper.

Anyone can make live wallpaper from some gif or other videos. Even you can put your videos as well. This will give the user the best feeling for live wallpaper. 

Install (Free, $39.99/year)

Most of the users want that live wallpaper which is not an option for others. So, create your live wallpaper. But there is a limitation for this app and that is, it is applicable for a few models of iPhones starting from iPhone 6s to Xs.

iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone
Install (Free, $2.99/month)

Live Wallpaper HD for iPhone: There are lots of apps you will find for live wallpaper, but some of these are not the best in service when they’re required to buy the premium version. Most of the app has too many annoying ads.

So, in short, you have to pay to avoid all these ads. This considered a drawback of all these types of app. There is one app you will find and that is Live Wallpaper HD, which do not have such problems.

It is free from this problem and gives you feel that you are enjoying all the things for free. This app is free from every possible aspect of the iPhone that will cost you money. There is no restriction from this app.

No annoying ads or paywall is going to push you. Most of the free apps don’t have all the features or resources that a paid version have. In this case, this one is different from the others. This app offers a healthy selection of wallpaper even it’s free for you. It is the best part of this app.

Like other apps, this one also offers category to get your wallpaper easily. There is more wallpaper then you need to check for your phone. So, check it out and get the best live wallpaper for your iPhone.

iPhone Live Wallpaper: The Next Cool Feature for Your Phone
Install (Free)

Live Wallpapers Supporting Models of iPhone

Every brand of mobile phones has some limitation on their old model phones. The iPhone has the same problem as well. Old versions and models do not have lots of features and facilities like the latest one. Even the old iPhone does not support any kind of live wallpaper. So, iPhone lover and the user are looking for the solution.

Simply, to use live wallpaper you have to use that iPhone that supports 3D touch. Some users are still in the dark about the model and features. They think that all the models those comes from 6s have the 3D touch facility.

But it’s not true at all. The iPhone XR doesn’t support 3D touch. So, you cannot use live wallpaper in this model. To know more about 3D touch you can visit here.

Live Wallpaper impact on iPhone Battery

People want to download live wallpaper and want to use it all the time. But they are also concerned about the battery life of the favorite iPhone. To get rid of the confusion, let me tell you about the relation between the live wallpaper and the battery.

The main answer to this question is yes, live wallpapers can drain your iPhone battery, but only if you let them do it.  May be live wallpaper is nice to look at. I hope you are not using iPhone just only to use live wallpaper.

A user needs to use various types of tools and need to run a few apps in the background that also the main reason for draining the battery. When you use live wallpaper, then the draining becomes fast. First of all, select those apps that are still running in the background and kill it or stop it. Find out they are worthy or not.

Most of the live wallpaper of the iPhone can drain the battery in two ways. First one is, they light up the display with bright images. Another way is live wallpaper need constant action.

This action is related to your phone’s processor. If your phones are not OLED display, then the phone display needs the same amount of light to display both dark and light color. On OLED display, there is no light will be needed to highlight any dark color. When the pixel needs to be whitened, then the display will produce light.

One thing you should keep it in mind that live wallpaper doesn’t draw a lot of power. This only happened when the wallpaper is well crafted. Some people spend a lot of time on the home screen that can cause kill the battery power.  

Final Words

So there you go, all the things I discussed shall help you to get the best live wallpaper for your iPhone. Live wallpaper is beautifully crafted to enlighten your display with the cool movement of objects.

Downloading live wallpaper for iPhones became so easy for everyone. But lots of users still don’t know how to use it. For more help visit here. Live wallpaper can change your mood.

It’s a perfect image which can be the next thing that you’ll look forward to for making the screen magnificent. A high-quality live wallpaper can transform the outlook of a mobile phone in a better manner.

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