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By Angel Kristoff 5 Min Read

Writing can be fun. It can be creative, relaxing and can give you a sense of productivity. It can also be a source of stress. Sometimes it’s just not easy to sit down and write. Even if you can get yourself in front of a computer screen, you might just be staring at a blank document for what feels like hours. Getting started can be a challenge and getting started when you have no idea what to write can be doubly so.

This is where Daily Page comes in.

Daily Page is a website created by writers, for writers. Two friends, Dylan Jhaveri and Nick Bastone, created the website in 2014 after they had difficulty in keeping good writing habits. While both writers realized the importance of daily writing and forming habits, they, like many others, struggled to actually sit down and make progress.

Daily Page seeks to help writers avoid procrastination and establish good habits by writing every day. It’s not always easy to write, but this website aims to give writers motivation.

What it does

The creators of Daily Page want their website to be, “Your one-stop shop for becoming a better writer,” and the tools they provide help to make it that.
The pricing for Daily Page starts at $3.99 per month, which is billed annually. Membership includes daily reminders sent straight to your inbox, a distraction-free workspace, thousands of writing prompts, writing courses, and your personal writing information and statistics.

Users can write directly on Daily Page, which is an intentionally minimalistic website, not cluttered with a bunch of ads or images. This is meant to keep the writer focused solely on their writing. Of course, Daily Page doesn’t block you from going to other websites, so you may still have to turn off your phone and clear any other tabs on your computer for it to be truly distraction free.

Daily reminders remind you to keep on track with your writing, and the “Stats” on Daily Page let you know just how much you’ve accomplished. You can view your “Writing Score” which lets you know how well you’ve been doing. The more writing you do, the better your score. If you continuously miss days or barely write, the score will go down.

You can also keep track of when you are most productive. Daily Page keeps track of your hourly word count, and it can use a bar graph to display what hours you were most productive. This is important because it gives you a better idea of the best times for you to write. It can really help you find the schedule that works best for you.

There are over one-thousand writing prompts on Daily Page, and every day you can choose to either see the prompt or if you already know what you want to write, you can ignore it. This writing prompts can be questions like “What’s the most common excuse you make? What do you think would happen if you avoided saying it all together?” They are meant to be reflective and to make you think. Even if you already have writing to work on, they can be good warm-up exercises, in order to get you into a good writing mindset.

Daily Page also has a variety of writing courses, including “Storytelling 101” and “Blogging 101.” These courses are created by experienced professionals who offer their advice, in order to aid new writers. Each course has multiple lessons, which writers can complete at their own pace. The lessons are short and provide a good overview of the subject. Plus, nothing beats getting advice from a professional.

What’s next

The next big step for Daily Page is to expand its writing courses. The creators are working with professionals to develop more strong and informational courses, on a variety of subjects. Not everyone knows what they want to write and even for those that have an idea, it can difficult to figure out how to write it. Daily Page wants creative writing courses that inspire and educate writers so that everyone is able to write what they want.

If you’re someone who struggles to really sit down and write, Daily Page can be a good resource and definitely something worth checking out.

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