Menus Become Digital and Efficient with FineDine Menu

By Angel Kristoff 5 Min Read

Finding a new restaurant to try out is largely a digital affair nowadays. If you want to know what’s nearby, you just Google it. If you find a place that looks good, then you can only hope their menu is somewhere online. If you do find a menu, you hope it isn’t too old, incomplete or that it at least mentions prices. These aspects help determine if you want to visit a certain restaurant or not.

Restaurant websites and menus can be frustrating for customers, but it’s also frustrating for restaurant owners. It can be difficult to update an online menu, yet having a menu online is really helpful and brings in business. It seems like a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be. FineDine Menu looks to make online menus easier for everyone.

FineDine Menu is an app created by Duygu Kutluoglu Kilic and Adil Burak Kilic, both from Turkey. The app makes it easier than ever for restaurants to create, update and track the usefulness of a digital menu. It also helps customers find up-to-date information on various restaurants and easily order food online.

Customizing Menus

FineDine Menu makes it simpler for businesses to create their menu and update it when needed. The app allows restaurant owners to add pictures, videos and graphics and easily adjust font sizes and colors on their menus. The app also provides allergen warnings, which makes it easy for people to know what’s in a product. Restaurants can even create themes for special occasions.

The menu can easily be displayed in different languages and with different currencies as needed. There are currently 27 languages that are supported in FineDine Menu.

The idea is that anyone can use this app to create a digital menu for their business regardless of how tech-savvy they are. Updating your menu is often necessary, so it shouldn’t be a hassle.

Tracking Orders and Customer Activity

With the FineDine Menu App, customers can order directly from the digital menu. Restaurants can also tag orders which allows customers to see the progress of their order and know exactly when it’s done and ready to be picked up. Online ordering and tracking are already in place with many big companies, but it can seem confusing for smaller companies that also want to provide this service to their customers. FineDine Menu wants to change that and make this type of service accessible to everyone.

FineDine Menu can also give restaurants an idea of where their menu needs improvement. The app lets owners see which pages of their menu are visited, how often they are viewed and how long customers spend on each page. This information gives restaurants ideas on how they should change their menu for maximum profit. For instance if everyone views one section and mostly ignores another, a restaurant might decide to emphasize what’s getting the most attention and change the ignored section until it draws more attention.

Increasing Profits

In a typical restaurant setting, a server can cross-sell to customers by suggesting drinks, appetizers, desserts, and other dishes while they wait on them. This leads to an increase in profits and is something that’s sometimes missing from other online menus. The FineDine Menu app, however, can do this too.

As customers order, the app provides suggestions to them, the same way a server might. The app is able to group certain dishes together and if a customer orders something like a burger, the app might suggest a side of french fries or a drink. These suggestions help increase sales and the restaurant profits from it.

Who can use it?

FineDine menu operates worldwide and serves hundreds of restaurants. There are three plans for companies to choose from, ranging in size and price. There is also a free trial available for businesses that aren’t quite sold on the app yet and want to try it out first.

The app works on iOS and Android tablets, but it is not currently compatible with smartphones.

While FineDine Menu is not the only platform for online menus that’s out there, some apps focus on wine or specialty restaurants and FineDine Menu works for a variety of establishments. It’s easy-to-use, and for any company that’s looking to expand its online presence it could be a useful tool.

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