Never Botch an Email Again with ProEmailwriter

By Olivia O'Mahony 5 Min Read

The huge array of professional email templates provided by ProEmailwriter makes sidestepping miscommunication (as well as charming the virtual socks off your reader) easier than ever.

For the best and most efficient experience possible in any workplace, communication is key. It’s what builds trust, productive connections, and even friendships, and prevents time-consuming misunderstandings and upset between those who work together. And while in an ideal world, we’d all love to have the time to deliver our messages in person, over a leisurely coffee and with a friendly smile, this isn’t always possible.

The exchange of emails is very often our only channel of communication with our clients, coworkers, and superiors – and as such, the importance of getting it right each and every time can’t be underestimated. Rush a one-worded “yes” or “no” response to your boss and risk coming off blunt and insulting. Agonize over an onscreen novella, and odds are you’ve wasted your own time, as well as your reader’s, by overloading and over-complicating your message.

Professional Email Writer, or ProEmailwriter for short, is an online catalogue of email templates easily applied to almost any situation, to ensure that you can hit the nail on the head with what points you’re trying to convey to your reader, in whatever tone is appropriate for the situation at hand. All it takes is for a ProEmailwriter user to select the topic, subtopic and tone they require for their email, input the personal details that make their message unique to them, review, and hit send.

Topics available for use range from job hunting, delivering bad news, requests, confrontations, farewell letters, apologies, to congratulatory notes, with a vast range of subtopics attached to each. As a demonstration of the sheer variety of emails ProEmailwriter can provide, take this example: a job-hunter can email a prospective employer with regards any one of the subheadings of “cover letter,” “thank you note after an interview,” “status check on hiring decision,” or “turn down a job offer.”

Once the subtopic has been selected, ProEmailwriter users may also choose between formal and casual tones to alter the language used in the template. Since emails have the tendency to read as far more aggressive than they’re intended to be – one of the many inconveniences of the online/offline world we live in today – it’s essential to maintain a stable tone so that it’s the content of your message, and not any perceived bad attitude, that takes the limelight when it’s read. Never again run the risk of coming off as too pushy when checking in to find out if your dream employer is still in the process of interviewing your competitors!

On the other side of matters, ProEmailwriter also ensures that its users have access to appropriately professional, measured, and objective language, to prevent those awkward moments when you realize the wording of your email might read as a little too overeager only after you’ve already hit send. If you’re a serial exclamation-point user, and need something to help you come across as cool, calm and collected as you really are, this is a tool for you.

Based in the District of Columbia, U.S.A, the team behind the ProEmailwriter project are endeavoring to solve communication problems in the workplace before they’ve arisen. It’s this drive to step forward and take initiative – as well as their hilariously on-the-nose working day observations on Twitter – that makes perfectly clear their deep understanding of the technicalities and every day grievances of office life.

For those who are new to the world of professional online dynamics (or are familiar with the way things are done, but can’t afford to spend the time re-wording an email they’ve sent a thousand times before), ProEmailwriter is an easy tool to use in mastering the language and culture of any modern workspace. With this service, getting your message across in a polite, informative, and concise manner is made easy, allowing email writers everywhere (professional or otherwise) to focus their energy on getting the real work done.

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