New Parking App, Daily Payouts to Owners

We connect residents and businesses who have unused parking space with drivers in need of parking immediately or reserved

Based in Seattle! We are a local tech startup solving the parking issue in Seattle by connect residents and businesses who have open parking space with drivers needing parking. If you live in a busy area this is a good opportunity to start earning.

On our app space owners list their space by choosing a desired hourly rate and time it is available, drivers needing instant parking now or later are more inclined to using a mobile app instead of going through the trouble to browse craigslist to find parking. We connect drivers needing parking directly with parking spaces listed by owners. In one secure and cashless
transaction the driver has found fast affordable parking while at the same time a an owner is paid.

Payouts are made daily via stripe direct deposit. Our beta app will not have monthly parking but we will have that available after beta testing and many more features that will keep your parking space booked.

please visit our website and register with your email .

Demo Video
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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