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Cambassy is an app that allows you to view places in the eyes of people from your country, helping you view unique content.

What does Cambassy mean?
Cambassy is a play on the words Camera & Embassy, and users who represent their country are called Cambassadors.

Why should I Cambassy?
Cambassy improves how you view places. it’s a new generation in social networking, that takes you to a new horizon. You should use Cambassy if you want to show people at your home country the place you are away at, and you can use Cambassy to view content made by people from your country abroad.

How can I use Cambassy?
Everyone can use Cambassy to view a unique angle of the world. Travelers, Expats, and International Students will find Cambassy a perfect platform to share their journey with people from their home country & the rest of the world, and anyone with the Cambassy app can view the journey of people from all over the world even if they never traveled!

What does the Cambassy app contain?

Cambassy contains 5 sections:
Profile: contains the users shared photos and videos, and also a social media handler for users to follow your updates
Notifications: a page to receive all notifications and new activities.
Camera: the camera enables you to take photos and combine it with the location of capture to be automatically categorized in the appropriate city.
My Cambassador: to view photos of people from your country abroad, and from Cambassadors in other countries
Homepage: a feed of all the accounts a user follows and their recent activities

How did we come up with Cambassy?
The Cambassy team found difficulty in finding great content for travel destinations around the world. When the search for Italy as a tourist destination was initiated, the content available before launching the Cambassy app  was tourism advertising photos, hotel ratings and general information about the country.

There was no content from students studying in the country, expats working there, or content from tourists in Italy at the time of search. The dilemma facing the Cambassy team was that the content was not a capture of the moment.

Cambassy took the initiative to solve this problem by creating an app that highlights the experiences of expatriates, international students and travelers within a particular destination, to show a new kind of content that adds to the current content of tourism and travel. The idea was that there would be ambassadors from your country around the world, conveying a modern image with their eyes to the eyes of their people, and sharing it with the world.

What are Cambassy’s plans?
Cambassy aspires to be a platform to help people view their destinations accurately, discover the world and their countries from a new perspective, & inspires users to choose the right destination for their travel purpose.

There will be many great features added in the future to further allow the display of better content & better travel. Such as: trip planning, ability to become an ambassador of an event such as World Cup or Fashion, and live broadcasting.

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