Online shopping is expanding? Of course!

By Michael Yon 6 Min Read

The world of online shopping is fairly new and yet it feels like it;s always been around. The creation of the internet led to the world of digital shopping that includes everything from collectible items to the new trends in fashion.

eBay and Amazon have taken full advantage of this, Anybody who’s been around long enough has noticed the decrease in the number of people going to malls. Certainly not a substantial decrease mind you, but a noticeable one nonetheless.

People can buy nearly most things online these days. Although, obviously, for clothes it’s still very much a popular choice to go to stores in person because sizes aren’t always a consistent at every outlet so to avoid buying size L and it ending up being a size M according to your standards, you need to go out and try out the things you might want to buy.

The fact still remains online shopping is very popular in modern-day society. Especially for people who enjoy collecting “rare items.” I honestly can’t imagine how hard it must have been for someone to try and collect a certain set of items without having online shopping, Let’s say that you wanted to collect trading cards. You would have to buy countless packages sold in stores to amass the entire set.

Sure, you could call pawn shops (and stores of similar) nature and ask around to see if they had the specific cards that you wanted, but that would be very tiresome and time-consuming. I mean seriously time-consuming. It would take years to collect and once you had a pretty good set you would have to wait a lifetime before it became really sought after.

I guess in a certain way people might have preferred it that way because their collection would technically be more valuable, but that still doesn’t hold a candle to online shopping’s incredible edge when it comes to that specific market.

You can search exactly what items you need for your collection and through a general flipping process you could collect, sell and make money, then collect something even rarer. So, the whole idea of collecting became 10x easier once online shopping was around.

Another perk of online shopping is the general convenience. What I mean by this is that rather than searching through newspaper and magazines for catalogs that feature a product you might be interested in, you can just go to the website of whatever store and search through the products they feature. This includes toys, clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. This especially comes in handy if you are a specialist in one field and requires a very specific product for your work or hobby.

But I digress. The main point I want to make here is that online shopping has made things easier for a lot of people, no excluding people who consider themselves bargain hunters.

There are a lot of people who live to save a money and shopping online is a quick way to do just that. So, is there any way to capitalize on this phenomenon? In fact, there is.

David Yeom, along with 4 other co-founders founded Hollar which acts as an online dollar store.

They had the vision of selling quality goods online for the price of a dollar (or a few dollars to be more accurate). They sell anything from toys to make-up, to cereal. The there largest consumer is millennial moms who are savvy enough to use the app and buy cheap quality goods for their children. “Dollar stores are a growing $50 billion market with less than 5% of transactions happening online.” Yeom has been able to tap into a virtually untapped virtual market (hah see what I did there).

I don’t use this app myself, but I would be interested in looking into it. I can just imagine buying something for the sake of buying something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that they shop to relieve stress. In this new world of mobile technology, an app for a dollar store fits perfectly into place.

Anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can use this app to their advantage. If you need to buy something for your home but it’s too small to make a trip to the store then you can just buy it with a few swipes on your phone.

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