The Quilo 3 in 1 Fan Is Quite An Innovative Product

By Michael McGrady 4 Min Read

When Quilo launched as a run-of-the-mill Kickstarter initiative, no one would’ve expected this product to make such an impact. With an original goal of $40,000, the Quilo initiative recieved over $80,000 from a total of 649 backers. Once the product was given the seed money in 2017, it quickly launched with a global team backing it.

"Air is fundamental to our health and well-being. We are surrounded by it and are entirely dependent on it," reads the company’s website. "Here at Quilo we are passionate about interacting with the air around us to create powerful yet holistic climate solutions for our homes. Our products are expertly designed to look great while providing energy-efficient performance. We aspire to make the air we breathe and the atmosphere in our homes feel just right."

CEO Naresh Kumra has done just that by launching a brand that’s built on the company’s collective years of experience and staff’s amazing resume. Virtually a team of nearly all engineers in several technical fields (e.g., mechanical engineering, etc.), Quilo is truly an impressive product.

In particular, Quilo’s 3-in-1 Fan with Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier is a powerful fan product that transforms into an evaporative air cooler for the summer months and humidifier for the winter months. The product’s patent-pending, eco-friendly motor also runs efficiently enough to provide seamless user experience with little to no sound.

Quilo’s 3-in-1 was also an International Housewares Association Global Innovation Awards (GIA) finalist for product innovation excellence.

"Securing this recognition by the world-renowned GIA program confirms for us that consumers are ready for the next level of home climate products," says Nishant Kapoor, Quilo’s Business Director, in an April 2018 press release recognizing the nomination.

"The Quilo™ 3-in-1 Fan passed rigorous criteria determined by a panel of industry experts. Qualifying products were proven to be unique in appearance and innovative in function, providing real benefit to the user while embracing ecological responsibility," reads the same press release.

Quilo’s 3-in-1 was one of five finalists in the GIA’s the Household & Home Electrics category for the product innovation excellence series of awards. In total, 65 finalists competed in a premier industry competition that "recognizes innovation and excellence in retail housewares with entrants spanning the globe and covering 13 unique categories."

The Quilo 3-in-1 Fan with Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier is on sale for only $159 with price conscience and value shoppers in mind. You can get yours at the company’s e-commerce website.

Quilo also sells a line of effective portable air conditioners that feature built-in dehumidifiers and fans. Also available on the company’s e-commerce website, the Quilo Portable Air Conditioner with Fan & Dehumidifier starts at $339 for a 450 square foot unit. The other two units in the line run at $339 for a 550 square foot unit and $449 for a 700 square foot unit respectively.

Quilo is a business unit and the signature brand of their parent Jamtek, a Hong Kong-based multinational corporation selling home climate control products across the globe. In addition to Quilo, Jamtek is a global reseller and strategic partner of the New Jersey-based Honeywell International Inc.

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