Rised Will Help Your Job Search Managable

By Nicole Fryer 5 Min Read

Everyone is always on the hunt for a new job or career. Whether you’re relocating, you’re graduating college, or you just need a change, job hunting is almost always a frustrating process, let alone keeping track of where you’ve applied and where and when you’ve scored an interview.

Fortunately, Rised is here to help the job-hunting process a little easier. Rised is your personal job application manager. With this app, you can organize and track all of your job applications in one place. It can even keep track of the job and company description, contact lists, set reminders, and so much more.

Rised was created by Kevin Bosc, Julien Solyjan, and Remi Casier, a team who have also created a market network made specifically for job referrals. Rised is their newest app for helping you with your job-related tasks.

With Rised, you can make little flashcards with every job that you’ve applied for. Keep everything you need to know about the job or the company on the card, like the job description, salary, address, industry, or anything else you might need to know or find important.

You can also make a To-Do list. This is an amazing feature. Set yourself some reminders so you don’t forget to do the little things that might make a big difference. Remind yourself to give them a follow-up call or check the status of your application or interview. Having the company know you’re interested might make the biggest difference.

Aside from the To-Do list, you can also set reminders. You’ve got to remember to give them a call? Can’t forget to show up for the interview? We’ve all got our own busy lives, and we know it’s easy to lose track of time and forget about important things. Set a reminder so you don’t miss out on an opportunity!

Another cool feature? A contact list! Set up a contact list for each potential job so you know who you need to talk to, whether it be HR, a manager, or another employee. Don’t waste time looking all over for a personal number or call an 800 number and get rerouted until someone can connect you to the right person.

Sometimes we all need a little help with the job-hunting process. I know with graduating college and looking for the next step, it’s hard to remember where I applied, and if I did, how long ago it was and what the outcome of that application was. This is a great tool to have, where you can just mark a potential job with "applied" or any other note that may be worth adding to it.

Even if you’re already in the workforce, it can still be a great tool to have. If you’re not happy with your current position, and you’re seeking other employment opportunities, or you’re just looking for some extra work, put all of the potential jobs in one area so you can easily find them, or look over your options.

Rised is also very simple to use. As long as you can work a spreadsheet, you’ll have no issues using this software. You can use the software via online, on your phone, or on your tablet. You can sign up for free via their website to get started with organizing your job-search today.

Aside from keeping your job search organized, Rised also has a blog. On the blog, the team posts some very useful job tips, such as how to respond to tough interview questions, and how to make your resume look better to potential employers. Since the app was made by a group that has been working on job-specific apps, you can’t go wrong in learning a thing or two to help you succeed in your career.

If you have any questions about the app, want to learn more, sign up, or give the team feedback, you can visit their website at https://www.rised.io, as well as finding them on any popular social media form, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Keep your job search well organized and help yourself succeed in your career today.

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