Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working

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When Windows 10 search not working on your PC that means some features are not working perfectly. You may use this “search” feature most of the time when you use Windows 10. It makes things easy to find anything from tons of options. To find much content like movies, images, files, this search option really saves our valuable time.

This option basically got everything that you have on your computer. Windows Search can put you in trouble when it’s not working. Finding out the reason this problem is difficult, but the solution is easy. You have to be straightforward to solve this problem instantly. Some effective methods can solve this problem without getting any help from the expert. Let see how we can resolve it.

Windows 10 Search Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It

It’s hard to find the exact solution to fix the “Windows 10 search not working” problem. There are lots of different methods available which are not only easy to apply but also effective. Most of the time, users don’t get any idea why they are facing this problem. Most of the time it remains unclear.

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As a Windows 10 user, you can go for the general method to solve this problem. I hope your Cortana or Search will work perfectly again. Before you proceed to apply this method, you should update your windows. This will happen when your drivers are up to date. Let’s discuss more. 

windows 10 search not working
Picture: Windows Search

Restarting your computer

This is the most common and basic solution for the Windows User. Surprisingly, this method works to solve various types of Windows problems. This method also helps to find the search option is not a working problem.

If this problem is happening because of some minor issues, then it will be solved easily. This method allows your windows to reset all the configuration which is temporary.

So, let’s try to reboot your system.

  • First of all, press the Windows key from your board. It will open the Start menu for you.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Windows Key
  • You will find the power Icon and click on it. You will see different power options.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Power Button
  • Find the restart button and click on it.
windows 10 search not working
Picture: Restart Icon
  • Now your Windows is going to be shut down and start automatically. This process will help your system boot back up.

Kill the process

You may know that Windows Search is preloaded in your Windows system. It is one of these utilities that helps to work over other apps. But the good news is you can treat it like other apps on your computer. So, it also has a process to run.

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You just need to kill it to fix the Search not working issue. This is the process of suspending this feature temporarily. To kill the process for Windows 10 search, you need to follow some steps.

Go to the taskbar first and right-click on it. A screen will appear and select the “Task Manager” option.

windows 10 search not working
Picture: Task Manager
  • A new window will open. Now find and click on the “More Details” option. This option will show you which processes are still running on your PC. 
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: More Details
  • You will see lots of programs running. Find out the “SearchUI.exe” Now right click on it to open the available action. From the options click on “End task”.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: End Task
  • Now it will guide you to a screen. From this screen, click on an “End process”.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: End Task
  • It will kill the process instantly for the Windows Search.

Resetting the Windows 10 search settings

Most of the time, few features are over configured because of the user necessary.  They love to configure features as they need. This tendency of changing the configuration causes malfunctioning. Sometimes the search option makes a problem because of it.

  • To solve this problem you must reset the setting of search for Windows 10. It will let the feature be configured in a factory setting. Microsoft offers a small file that helps to resent the Search setting.
  • Go to the browser and download the ‘Windows Search PowerShell Script’ from here.
  • After completing the download, run it on your desktop. But you must do it under “Run with PowerShell”.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Run with PowerShell option
  • To make the changes of the script, click on the Yes button.
  • It will start to run. The script runs that start to function to reset the feature.
  • After completing the process, you will be notified with a message saying “Done”. You are done with it.
  • Just close the PowerShell window. And check the search option.

Updating Windows 10 version of your PC

Updating the Windows version can solve many problems of your Windows operating system. Even it can solve the problem of Windows 10 search not working. If your Windows system is not up to date, then it can cause a different problem. So, update your Windows 10 following the process, we described below.

  • Click on the start menu and go to the setting icon.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Setting Icon
  • Find the option “Update & Security” and click on it.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Update & Security
  • Look on the left side, you will find the ‘Windows Update’ option in the sidebar on the left side of the window.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Windows Update
  • Now find the “Check for updates” option. It’s on the right-hand side pane of the windows. Click on it.
Solved: Windows 10 Search Not Working
Picture: Check for updates
  • It will start to find available updates for your Windows 10.
  • After completing the update, reboot your computer.


You might need to reset your windows if your Windows 10 search not working perfectly. All the methods I’ve discussed may not help to fix the problem. Maybe the use of the Windows Search menu is easy and simple. When it starts to trouble, then you cannot use this option properly. You might need to revamp it. So, you should find more methods.

To make your Windows search option stable all the time you need to keep up to date Windows. Don’t over configure this utility otherwise it will stop working. But finding out the actual reason for this problem is not easy. So, keep trying to solve the problem by trying all the methods available. I hope you can finally fix the problem. 

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