The New Nucleus of the Home

By Michael Yon 6 Min Read

In the last 30 to 40 years, humans have been determined to reach a more integrated technological future. What I mean by this is that we, as a species, have been reaching toward to goal of the technologically-advanced future we often see portrayed in movies.

First, it started with the creation of the computer. Second, there was the creation of the internet. Third, the creation of the cell phone, followed by smartphone. So on and so on until we arrive at the present day, where you can get succint directions to anywhere in the world on your phone in a manner of minutes and travel to that destination with relative ease. But, if you look back at a lot of these movies, you will see that there is still a lot of innovations described in them to be realized. As we very well know, new technology is produced nearly every day (or so it seems). One of the newest creations in the lineup is a new-age intercom called Nucleus.

Nucleus takes the idea of an intercom and gives it a desperate makeover. It’s presented as something like an iPad that only uses FaceTime (and other applications that are similar). You can use it to FaceTime with anybody in your house that is in a separate room. I realize that sounds a bit silly at first, especially for people who live in relatively small houses, because it would be simple to just walk to that person in your own home and talk to them, or even yell loud enough to reach them in another room. But, for people who live in relatively large homes it could be quite useful. Not only that, but you can also FaceTime with people in other homes who use Nucleus as well. That may sound weird at first, but I can definitely see its use for families that have other family members living close by, or even just very good friends that live in the same neighborhood.

“We’re a tight-knit group of people working to help families connect more easily," the Nucleaus team say on their website. "We are building this because we truly believe in the magic of being there for family, no matter what. We’re excited to deliver an intimate, simple, and magical communication experience to you.”

Obviously, the creators aim to connect families and loved ones through the use of Nucleus. Let’s look a little closer to what nucleus has to offer:

“Now all the right rooms are right where you need ‘em. Connect the kitchen to the playroom, the living room to the kid’s room, the bedroom to the laundry room—with two or more Nucleus devices at home, your days of “I can’t hear you!” are over.” You can use “Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, to play music, get the news & weather, control smart devices and more.”

There’s also “big buttons, clear instructions, and a connection that takes less than a moment.”

Everything it offers sounds fantastic, but the user reviews are even better:

"I have three little boys and we always have to keep an eye on those guys. All I wanted was a way to easily check in on them when we’re not in the same room. Everything on the market was complicated, outdated, and cost thousands of dollars. I couldn’t believe it. So we got the best in the business together, and now Nucleus does more than I ever imagined to bring people closer to home and the people they love."
– Jonathan Frankel, founder and CEO.
“I got the new Nucleus’ setup and going at my place while (my parents) were visiting, (I) showed them how to used it and sent two home with them hoping for the best. To my amazement, they set it up on their own AND re-configured the WiFi settings to connect to their network. WOW! The video quality is FANTASTIC and the auto answer, for me, is the KILLER app. I like the auto answer because it allows me to call and talk to them without them having to get up (they’re old so that is actually a big deal).”
– MJ, from California.

Nucleus is a fairly easy service to use and connects families who might otherwise be out of touch. An easy addition to any home that’s looking for this kind of new-age connectivity.

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