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What’s So Great About Patreon?

By Veronica Maria

       What can you say about Patreon versus Paypal? when payment is done through paypal, you know that

Choosing an Indoor Security Camera

By Akudo McGee

Security Cameras are a popular option for modern home and business owners. They provide an accurate account of who visits

How Spy Apps Work And How To Go For Them

By Staff Writer

You know most of the mobile apps work on the same principle. Give or take they use a similar type

Aella Data Takes Data Security to the Next Level

By Akudo McGee

Cyber attacks, when I was growing up they sounded like the plot of a futuristic science fiction film but today

Need to protect your home? Your “Homies” have your back

By Akudo McGee

For many, homeownership is a dream, for others a challenge, however, something that both groups will/can share is the need

Remediant is disrupting information security

By Madison Kacir

In today's technology age, information is probably one of the most valuable commodities. If you have the correct information, one

This App Lets You Take Your Nudes and Keep Them, Too

By Olivia O'Mahony

It's been almost four years now since the infamous hacking of Jennifer Lawrence's private cloud-based photo reel, which, as many

Tackling the Hacking Challenge Head-On

By Vivek Chakraverty

Sahir Hidayatullah, the CEO and co-founder of Smokescreen, did his homework well. In his studies of military deception, he noticed,

Knightscope Stops Crime with Data Machines

By Michael Yon

For a moment, let's talk about RoboCop. We are quickly arriving into a time when younger readers will not have

The Perfect App for Kids and Parents

By Kiera Sweden

There is a new app that just recently started up, and it's called Kidgy. The Kidgy team's goal is to

The New Nucleus of the Home

By Michael Yon

In the last 30 to 40 years, humans have been determined to reach a more integrated technological future. What I