Undies So Soft, You’ll Shake That Thang

By Olivia O'Mahony 6 Min Read

Comfortable? Check. Personalized? Check. Ethically produced and sustainably sourced? Check. The team behind underwear brand MeUndies are on a mission to provide the best of the best, and they’re off to a flying start.

When’s the last time you got hyped up about your underwear?

Odds are, it was over a new pair – something you’d picked up for a special occasion, like date night (you saucy creature) or Christmas (because let’s be real, nothing says festivity like candy canes plastered all over your butt). When it comes to our day-to-day underwear decisions, however, comfort tends to win out over lace and novelty jingle bells. Practical cotton is the most common go-to choice, but since “practical” seems to translate to “boring” in the world of undergarments, our moneymakers are left looking a little dreary.

Underwear enthusiasts at MeUndies believe that comfort and fun shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive. That’s why they’ve developed a line of undergarments designed to make you feel as good as you look, using state of the art Lenzing MicroModal fabrics more than three times softer than cotton.

Derived from beechwood from the Austrian Alps, the material of MeUndies is sustainably-sourced, all-natural, and breathable. The cellulosic properties of the Lenzing Modal fiber naturally prevent odor-causing bacterial growth, while the silky wood fiber gives the fabric a cooling feel. And if that wasn’t good enough, try this on for size: because beech trees are naturally resistant to pests and environmental problems, they don’t require artificial irrigation or extra plantings to farm. This means that, as well as feeling soft and looking great, your underwear is produced from an entirely natural raw material that hugs your conscience while it hugs your goods.

And your goods will look better than good, because MeUndies are committed to bringing you stylish underwear that reflects the real you. Think of it as wearing your heart on your sleeve, only in this case, you’re wearing your love for penguins all over your tush. Every season, the design team unveil new patterns and colors, as well modify and improve on old favorites. Charity-themed undies are also recurringly available for purchase; to date, MeUndies has benefited organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the LA LGBT Center, and the Amber Rose Foundation.

If you’re still skeptical about the difference an underwear company can make in the world, don’t stop reading now. Though MeUndies is headquartered in Los Angeles, where its line of luxury lounge wear and t-shirts are produced, it also has branches in Turkey and Sri Lanka, dedicated to garment development, cutting, and sewing. All factories are audited before selection to ensure that their workers receive the highest standards of treatment in the workplace, and many offer free English classes, free meals and transportation, programs teaching business and personal finance, and fundraising opportunities for local charities.

As a brand dedicated to providing comfortable, attractive underwear for everyday people, MeUndies is serious about representing those individuals in its choice of models, one of which is restauranteur, author and host of Viceworld’s Huang’s World, Eddie Huang. This March, he partnered with the company to release Pandamonium, an exclusive panda bear underwear design.

"I think it’s pretty cool that I’m doing the underwear with MeUndies, because for me, the whole campaign and the product is about positive body image," Huang told GQ. "I’m Asian, I’m fat, I’m short. These are like the three cardinal sins of being an underwear model."

Speaking of his Pandamonium design, he added, "Everybody loves pandas. They’re not necessarily the sexiest animal in the kingdom, but they’re cool and people love them. They’re black and they’re white. They’re chubby. They’re funny. They’re quirky."

Undie experts (yes, it’s a thing) have estimated that while we can never have enough pairs of underwear, for the average person, a minimum of 20 is key. Their reasoning is sound: one pair for each new day of the week, plus three extras, allowing for party outfits and gym sessions. Double than ten pairs to make 20, since we’re only human, and sometimes getting laundry done every week like clockwork just ain’t happening. So MeUndies got with the numbers, and created individualized ten, six, and three-pack orders of men’s boxes, boxer briefs, trunks and boxers, and women’s cheeky and bikini-styles, boyshorts, and thongs. With a range like that, they’ve got you covered.

Going one step further to become a MeUndies member means receiving a fresh pair of MeUndies at your door each month for a minimal price, in a style that speaks to you. And be that style subtle, bold or downright adventurous, no matter what it says, one thing is guaranteed: it’ll be done softly. Very, very softly.

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