A Whole New Level To Google Translate

By Devin Garcia 5 Min Read

Progression of the world brings people from different cultures traveling all over the world. With diverse cultures, comes diverse languages and a high demand for learning and translating to help everyone fit in. Google Translate, one of the more popular translation utilities, is getting revolutionized with the coming of Google’s “Pixel Buds.”

Google’s new phone, Pixel 2, was announced earlier this year, combating Apple’s iPhone and other Samsung devices with its smart technology. On the 4th of October, Google held a conference where they revealed their latest products like a laptop, speaker, and a new accessory for their Pixel phone. The Pixel Buds are Google’s new earbuds coming to the world to work in tandem with the Google’s technology.

While Apple has their EarPods, Google also comes up with its own line of earbuds to help users take full advantage of everything Google has to offer. Like the EarPods, Pixel Buds come with a magnetic charging case. Like most earbuds, the Pixel Buds hold a charge of up to five hours and the case can recharge up to four times in one day.

The Pixel Buds function like any other pair of earbuds. They connect to the user’s phone and play music or answer phone calls or get directions. With just a simple tap o swipe to the right earbud, the user can control the song volume or when a song starts and stops. Calls can be answered and ended with help from Google Assistant. Directions can be given right into the user’s ear. The Pixel Buds work best with Google’s Pixel phones but can connect to any device as well. The difference, however, is what will set the Pixel Buds apart from any other earbuds the world has come across so far.

The Pixel Buds are designed to work with Google Translate so that the person wearing them can hold conversations with somebody speaking a completely different language and still be able to understand. The Pixel Buds listen in on the conversation with just a tap to the right bud. The conversation is then sent to Google Translate and translated right to the user, with little to no lag time.

Now, the Pixel Buds are only wireless in the sense that they connect to the phone through Bluetooth. The earbuds have a short, cloth cord that connects them for easy access as they hang around your neck. The cord is also adjustable in that it is used to fit the shape of the user’s ear to keep the earbud in place. The charging case fits easily into the user’s pocket, rounding out the Pixel Buds easy-to-use and take anywhere aesthetic.

Since the Pixel Buds use Google’s translate abilities, the earbuds can detect and decipher up to 40 different languages. This creates a plethora of possibilities when it comes to changing the world. People from every corner of the world will be able to transcend the language barrier and connect to different people.

The simplicity of the translations is also what sets Google’s Pixel Buds apart. While there have been various ideas and Kickstarters to make transnational this easy, Google has it all in one product. The user merely needs to ask Google Assistant for help to speak whatever language is desired. The user speaks in English, or whatever language they are speaking, and Google Translate will supply the translated version right through the phone’s speakers. Then, once the person the user is having a conversation speaks, the translated reply will feed right into the user’s ear. The applications and translations work best with a good WiFi connection.

Google’s Pixel Buds are essentially eliminating awkward, mispronounced—and often embarrassing— conversation barriers. Pixel Bud wearers can travel without worrying about not being able to get around. Others from different countries will be able to understand tourists. Communication is the ultimate key to effectively fuse relationships, and with the ability to understand different languages, different relationships can be assembled

The Pixel Buds come in white, gray, and black. They are available for purchase online or at any large retail store for $160. Google’s Pixel Buds are just the next step in technology helping the world’s people come together.

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