An Alert a Day Keeps the Risky Leftovers Away

By Olivia O'Mahony 5 Min Read

Sometimes, the most ingenious of fixes can come disguised as basic solutions to tiny, near-insignificant issues. Unpacking the sheer brilliance of daFridge, for example, is a process I never would have considered to be so involving before I really went elbow-deep. I’ll give you the moral of this story right off the bat: little changes made to daily life can have a powerful ripple-effect on the overall quality of the life in question, and food poisoning should have no place in any of it, at all, whatsoever.

Operated by the designers, developers and marketing experts of the round table at Shtrak, a digital marketing agency scaling the heights since 2012, daFridge is an app created to bring ease to the daily routine of meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, food storage, and expiration date tracking. daFridge whisks these five issues out of the picture in less than five minutes with one convenient program. The hours that an app like daFridge can give back to your day are nothing to sniff at, even if the carton of old milk it reminded you to dispose of this morning very well might be.

So let’s break down the uses of the daFridge app, as well as their benefits. daFridge allows its users to organize their shopping lists in a way that’s never been possible before now – a checklist of the week’s must-have foodstuffs can be shared back and forth between members of your household until every last morsel has been purchased and stashed away for the delicious meal for which it’s destined. This means that the age-old back and forth of "Did you remember to buy tomatoes?" and "I’ll remember to grab some on the way home tonight!" is effectively eradicated. Rather than let your busy schedule – or hey, just poor memory – knock your ability to have a great meal at home, daFridge’s list-sharing feature means you’ll never forget that the kitchen fruit bowl is out of grapes, making you that much more likely to prioritize picking them up during the day.

The function for which daFridge is best known, of course, is its expiration alert tool. The existence of this doohickey means that you’ll never again have to take a leap of faith with eating the leftover chicken from the barbeque over the weekend. Food poisoning – an absolute doozy if you’ve ever suffered from it, and the figurative monster hiding under the refrigerator of all those who haven’t – can be a thing of the past with the correct use of this app. All it takes is for the daFridge user to record the contents of their fridge as they load it up after their next grocery shop, big or small. Days or weeks later, when something goes bad, daFridge has got your back with a clear, concise notification about which of your edibles is past its presumptive expiration date. After that point, it’s up to you to to decide if a food needs to be tossed in the trash or has one good day left in it – but, should you swing the way of the latter, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

A simple approach is also key here – a clean, uncluttered interface (which, by the way, beautifully mirrors the exact state your fridge will take on within a week of employing this clever little app) allows quick access to the catalogue of products already available on daFridge, and makes it beyond easy to customize and add your own, be it Grandma’s secret recipe chocolate fudge cake, or a local cheese available only from the corner store monger.

daFridge is an app that makes the grocery rigmarole a chore no longer, meaning everyone under the roof of your household – be they your family or roommates – can stay on the same page when it comes to providing healthy, satisfying, and, most importantly, safe meals, so you can be strong and healthy focus on the important things… like who does the dishes afterwards. Can someone please let me know when there’s an app for that?

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