Code-Writing Robots for Kids

By Kiera Sweden 3 Min Read

Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about how this Christmas, we wanted to give the children in our lives toys that could actually help them learn. That’s when I was told about the Ozobot, a new toy much better than a smartphone or tablet. The super-customizable Ozobots have special stickers and skins, enabling the robots to look stylish and smart, just like their owners, and what’s more, this invention can grant your child the opportunity to work with technology and learn. Sure, a lot of smartphones or tablets can do that, but you usually have to download additional apps, many of which need to be screened ahead of time; with Ozobots, none of this is neccessary.

Ozobots have many uses. For instance, children can play games, build relationships with kids who have similar interests, learn to code, and even gain the skill of advanced programming. Other things Ovobots can be utilized for is DIY crafts and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skill exercises. With this new toy, your child can use their already-impressive brain power while connecting with other kids like them. All of the benefits of these gadgets are more valuable than a lot of smartphones we buy for triple the cost.

With today’s economy and everyone and their mom wanting to be famous, it is important for kids to chase their dreams and also have a good backup plan. This new toy is the perfect way to give them one, and the whole time that they are playing, most will not even know they’re learning.

A single unit usually sell for around $50 to $100. Their products can come in regular size, which are the Ozobots, a mini size, which are the Bit Bots, and packages for classrooms, starting at the price of approximately $1,200 dollars. As a one-time investment in your child’s future, the price is pretty good for this company’s advanced and technical product.

This is also a company who, despite being new, is also very accredited. They even have helpful how-to tutorial videos on their website, so you can see how to use this product to its maximum potential and worth. If you still feel that this price is still too high for you, they have free shipping for anyone in the United States. They also have a coupon code going on right now: with 25 percen off for their Titanium Black Bots. All you need is the code HOC25.

You can also receive a special offer on pricing, as long as you sign up for their newsletter by just adding your email! If you are thinking about making a purchase, they offer one of the easiest ways to pay, with PayPal.

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