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Remediant is disrupting information security

By Madison Kacir

In today's technology age, information is probably one of the most valuable commodities. If you have the correct information, one

Hello Fear: Virtual Reality vs. Our Fears

By Akudo McGee

Virtual Reality, a technology that uses computer-generated, life-like environments has become well-known by now. Whether you associate it with video

Who Are You? Kairos Makes Facial Recognition Simple and Affordable

By Akudo McGee

Facial recognition software is something that has become familiar to many of us, especially after this most recent iPhone came

Even in the World of Coding, Mother Knows Best

By Olivia O'Mahony

Erica Peterson is many things, among which are a graduate in animal science and nutrition, a mother of two, and

Tackling the Hacking Challenge Head-On

By Vivek Chakraverty

Sahir Hidayatullah, the CEO and co-founder of Smokescreen, did his homework well. In his studies of military deception, he noticed,

Mixbook Provides All Your Photo Printing Needs

By Michael Yon

I’m not one to take a lot of photos everywhere I go. There are two reasons for this: I don’t

Code-Writing Robots for Kids

By Kiera Sweden

Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about how this Christmas, we wanted to give the children in

A Silver Lining in the Cloud for African Startups

By Chikezie Oguamanam

Access to markets has always been a major barrier for entry-level technology startups. It's little wonder that many startups have

STEMosaur: A Not-So-Prehistoric Approach to Learning

By Devin Garcia

While coding and programming have become increasingly common in today’s technological scene, there are very few opportunities for children that

Expense Tracker Will Never Leave You Wondering About Your Finances

By Nicole Fryer

Are you ever out shopping and you see a cute top, but don’t know if you can afford it? Did

Zenkit – An agile project management at its best

By Staff Writer

Imagine the following: You are the leading project manager with a team of 30 under you. You have been given