How a Tunisian Startup is Using Their App to Save Time and Lives

By Akudo McGee 6 Min Read

Less than a decade ago, if asked about cell phone use, most people would say that at least one person in their household had a cell phone, though it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear that no one in the household had one. In less than 10 years, however, everything has changed. In most households, everyone has a cell phone (even children) and the vast majority of videos, photos, and screen captures taken are made using phones instead of cameras or computers.

The importance of cell phones has permeated into professional, personal and academic life. The use of cell phones extends passed taking selfies and saving contacts to scanning documents and even experimenting with virtual reality because of advanced app development. Many startups, some featured here, have begun to take advantage of the new technology capable of being supported by the modern smart phone. The startup featured today, Katomi is no exception.

Katomi is a Tunisian startup that specializes in healthcare technology. Their goal is to improve current medical technology to make the lives of doctors and patients easier. Katomi uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help doctors manage, organize and store medical photos of patients for use during exams. Using a cloud application to store photos generated during everyday, routine examinations, their app offers secure storage intelligent indexation and a new way to visualize morbidities.

According to their site, 94% of doctors use their smart phones in their daily practice. Most of that use is for taking pictures during medical examinations. Their app allows doctors to continue to access the same technology and devices they ordinarily use, in virtually the same way but also have access to a feature which will catalog and securely store the images they capture.

What does the app offer? It offers intuitive indexation, meaning that the photos doctors take with their free mobile app are automatically indexed, saving them time and keeping their files organized. Their files are safeguarded against loss, misuse or theft using a secured backup and storage system. The system adheres to regulations required for storing and using patient photos. Doctors can also add, view and edit patient records with photos taken of the patient during examinations.

What are the benefits of a service like this? Doctors are able to instantly search for required photos and compare them to other photos in the patient’s file, they can compare and share images with the other medical professionals who manage the same patient and doctors have access to a diagnostic aid system. The AI developed by Katomi is designed to assist doctors with their diagnosis using the photos that are uploaded onto their mobile device. By signing up with Katomi, doctors can add an assistant to their account to help them manage patients, files, and records through their customized dashboard. They are also able to customize the interface based on their specialties, practice and medical cases and doctors don’t waste time trying to organize and manage photos and patients by hand and on multiple devices.

To decide whether or not the app is for them, doctors can sign up for a 30 day free trial of the Silver Pack. No payment information is required and doctors have the ability to store 3,000 medical photos each month, keep 1,000 patient records on hand, log 94 medical specialties and add 1 additional assistant account for an assistant medical professional in their practice. The doctor’s custom Katomi dashboard as well as all photos and patient files can be accessed by their smart phone (using the app) but also on their tablet, laptop and desktop so there is no need to feel restricted to one device.

Katomi’s team comes from a variety of backgrounds including medical practice, entrepreneurship, and IT technology and together have over 3 decades of experience. The team is also active on social media and highly passionate about sharing their ideas on how to develop and perfect the field of medical technology. Their efforts aren’t going unrecognized, either! Recently, Katomi has been recognized and honored at the first E-Health Meetup (held earlier this year in Tunis), by BigBooster Camp in Lyon and at the Slush GIA Tunisia competition (where they were the winners).

Katomi succeeds by creating new ways for doctors to quickly and accurately diagnose and manage patient information. Though their efforts are the result of learned experience in their fields, their success is supported by their passion for better medical technology, proof of how startups can offer great payouts while also paying it forward.

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