The Perfect App for Kids and Parents

By Kiera Sweden 5 Min Read

There is a new app that just recently started up, and it’s called Kidgy. The Kidgy team’s goal is to enable parents to see what their children are actually doing online. Although some may say that this is an invasion of privacy, this is a really good way to keep your child safe. When kids begin to grow up, most stop telling their parents everything about their lives. Sometimes it may be okay for them to keep some things to themselves, but online activity should not be on that list. A lot of kids may be interacting with countless online predators and not even be aware of it.

That’s what Kidgy is there to fix. With Kidgy, parents can block sites that they don’t feel are safe for their children. Many young people stumble on inappropriate websites that parents may have never even heard of and therefore will not know that they need to block it. This is where another feature from Kidgy can come into play: you can also monitor your child’s online activity even if they delete their search history. Since a lot of kids think they are so slick and secretive online, most think they will never be caught when they did something they knew was wrong. Let’s not lie; it will actually be pretty entertaining to see a child or teenager busted with Kidgy.

Another way Kidgy can be beneficial to parents is the fact that you can remotely block your child from using their apps. In today’s world of addiction to smartphones and technology, this could be of really good use for everyone. Whenever you feel that it is time for your children to "unplug" or if you’re going over your data plan, it is very easy to shut the apps down. It is so easy that you can even do it remotely from your phone or tablet.

Another use of this feature could be when it’s time for your kids to go to bed. By the time many children are in fifth grade or in middle school, they have a cell phone. They also usually have to start waking themselves up in the morning at around this age. Since technology is so advanced now, a lot of kids won’t even look at an actual clock, leaving their phone to be their alarm. At this age, most kids don’t sleep with their parents, so they are sleeping in their room with their phones. Parents usually want their children to go to sleep at a certain time on school nights, but if they have their phone, trust me, they will not be getting any. Or at least that’s how it was as I was growing up, but now with Kidgy, you can shut down apps that you think will go on while they should be sleep. You can also catch them in a lie for some fun: for example, if you leave the apps on instead of blocking them, in the morning ask if they were on their phone last night. 9 times out of 10 they will lie and say no, but if you check their usage on Kidgy, they will feel really dumb when you confront them.

A lot of parents would be hesitant to use this app, but it truly is a really good idea. Without the parental view, children have the opportunity to get into sexting with predators pretending to be someone else. What if your kid decided to go and meet this person they’ve been talking to and gets kidnaped, or worse? Then what would you do? Ask yourself how you would feel if you knew there was something you could have done to prevent the situation. Don’t take the chance. Do right by your little one, and download Kidgy today.

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