Who Are You? Kairos Makes Facial Recognition Simple and Affordable

By Akudo McGee 6 Min Read

Facial recognition software is something that has become familiar to many of us, especially after this most recent iPhone came out. Whether you think it’s efficient or creepy, you have to admit it’s pretty cool. Just like a fingerprint, you can activate your device, sign in to your phone or gain entry to your home or office without ever having to remember where you put your keys or be asked to remember annoying passwords.

For many companies the prospect of using facial recognition software is invaluable, however, the software that is available is usually expensive and limited. This next startup, Kairos is hoping to be the perfect fit for businesses everywhere.

When you think of facial recognition software you probably think of your front-facing camera capturing an image of your face to unlock your phone but what about other ways of "capturing" a face? With Kairos, businesses have the ability to recognize faces in videos, pictures or in the real world.

Of course, this has implications on how a business is able to interact more efficiently with consumers but what about other uses? What if a missing person could be positively identified based on security camera footage? What if you could just upload a photograph or a video without having to go through and tag each, individual person or if you could be alerted automatically when your face is identified in a picture? The possibilities are endless.

What sets Kairos apart from the rest is their price tag and various features. They understand the growing complexity of facial recognition and so provide developers with the tools to equip any product with facial recognition technology. Their features include face detection, identification, and verification, standard features of any facial recognition software, however, they also have additional features. Kairos’ technology includes emotion detection, which tracks 6 emotions currently, age detection (great for age limited items and parental locks), gender detection, multi-face detection, action measurement, facial feature detection (eyes, eyebrows, nose etc.), sentiment detection, face grouping and ethnicity detection.

Kairos is an artificial intelligence company specializing in face recognition. Through computer vision and machine learning, Kairos can recognize faces in videos, photos, and the real-world – making it easier than ever to transform the way your business interacts with people.

A few examples for some of these uses would be measuring the attention span (using attention measurement) of a consumer who is using your learning product to determine what kind of learner they are. Another example of real-world use, which some of you may be familiar with are makeup and special effect apps that which use your selfies to add a filter. In order for the filter to correctly manipulate your appearance (for instance, to add blue eyeshadow on your eyelids), the app has to track and recognize your facial features.

As for their pricing, their personal plans can be purchased for $500 month. This includes all of their features with limited usage and email support available during business hours only. Their business plan is $3,000 a month and includes all features with extended usage and business hour email support with possible add-ons.

Their enterprise package is custom priced and includes all features with unlimited usage, 24/7 premium support and a service level agreement (in addition to optional add-ons of course). These prices are more affordable than traditional facial recognition software packages, ensuring that users aren’t limited to the size of their company or to the financial resources often needed to purchase such software.

With great freedom, comes the great responsibility of course. Many of you may be thinking about the potential implications of facial recognition, specifically about the loss of anonymity or privacy. These are valid concerns, however, this technology is already out there and in the digital age, the possibilities of becoming an off the grid, "digital nomad" are shrinking.

While we may not always be able to control how much of our information is "out there" and how it is used (for instance, the government may use facial recognition software at sensitive locations like the airports even if we don’t like it), we do have some say in the services we utilize. We also have the right to request that companies and organizations that use our information do so transparently. In fact, most of that information is available on their websites and explanations can often be requested via direct contact.

Kairos assures that information is secure and encrypted and all personally identifiable information is kept private. Data is stored in secure cloud locations so company data is handled with care! Whether you think this is cool or creepy, innovative, affordable facial recognition solutions mean that many companies are able to continue providing the most secure protection for your information that is available.


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