Mixbook Provides All Your Photo Printing Needs

By Michael Yon 5 Min Read

I’m not one to take a lot of photos everywhere I go. There are two reasons for this: I don’t like taking a lot of photos because I like to live in the moment, and because even if I wanted to take a lot of pictures for a special occasion, it’s always a hassle to download the pictures in one place and upload them to whatever social media outlet (this is especially true when there are multiple people involved). For a lot of people, the only problem lies with the latter. Several different types of social media platforms have sought out ways to make it easier for users to make an amazing digital photo book. There’s no doubt that Facebook and Instagram have excelled in this effort, but is there an even better way to make a digital photo book that they haven’t explored yet? Facebook focuses on giving people a way to share their lives with their friends and family by giving them a way to share photos, post updates, etc. Instagram focuses on giving individuals a way to post pictures as soon as they can with the best editing. Neither of these mainstream social media outlets has explored the possibility of appealing to group events.

Let me explain what I mean. Mixbook is an internet-based photo book service. It was founded in 2006 so it’s not a new company when it comes to photo design service. However, Mixbook is always expanding and looking for new ways to allow users to have the highest quality online photo book service. Its services include allowing the user to make customized photo books, photo prints, cards, calendars, and more. Mixbook, however, is not a social media outlet. The company gets revenue by printing out the product requested by the customer and shipping it to them.

The company’s services are far larger in number than what I’m letting on. When it comes to photo books, they provide wedding photo books, wedding guests books, travel photo books, baby photo books, and year-in-review photo books. Also, you can forget going to the store for a Hallmark card. Mixbook offers a large variety of cards themes that you can choose from. Their themes include holiday photo cards, wedding invitations, baby birth announcements, graduation announcements, and everything in between. There are also different calendars you can order and photo print services you can use.

Some user reviews will show you what kind of satisfaction you can expect from Mixbook:

“The themes are great and the ability to change backgrounds and layouts makes it easy to customize throughout the book. Thank you for an excellent product.” – Kelly H.

“The options are wonderful! Having the choice to upload any kind of pictures, along with different fonts, very nice backgrounds, and decorative images…everything just made the creative process very enjoyable.” – Terry K.

Recently, Mixbook has acquired the app WedPics. WedPics is an app that is aimed at newlyweds to use its services by collecting all the photos from their wedding and compiling them into one place for easy access. The app does this by allowing the user to send an invite to anyone on their wedding guest list and collecting their photos. Combined with Mixbook, WedPics now offers the user the option to print their photos for a wedding album. This accounts for 60 percent of the company’s revenue. In an age where the use of digital photos and online storage is happening more and more, wedding photos are one of the few reasons to still print out photos. Hopefully, in the future, services like Mixbook and WedPics make an impact on the realm of social media. It would be nice to go to an event with all your friends or family members then afterward sending an invite to collect all their photos. This would make the process of creating big photo albums online much easier. And even though it seems like the mainstream social media outlets have a pretty big monopoly on photo sharing, there’s definitely always room for improvement.



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