Red Lanterns is Here to Assist You with Your Sex Questions

By Nicole Fryer 5 Min Read

When it comes to sex, everyone should be educated – and no, I don’t necessarily mean in knowing what they’re doing (even though that’s important too!). What I mean is the importance of being educated in the basics. Sexual education is something that has seemed to have died out of schools, and it amazes me how many people know so little about the ins and outs of sexual health.

Even with decently-delivered sex education, there still may be some questions that people are faced with and don’t know who to ask, or perhaps aren’t comfortable reaching out for help with. Red Lanterns is a new app that’s trying to change that. If you have questions about sexual health or are looking for new ways to spice up your sex life, look no further, as Red Lanterns is here to help you.

Red Lanterns is an app that allows its users access to comprehensive sexual information and education based on augmented reality and block chain technology. The app will allow its users to get professional advice of sexologists and psychologists with a single click. Find an expert who is suitable for you, and for an affordable price.

The app’s categories include lessons for actors, massage lessons, sex instructions, and party organizations. Once you find an expert on your chosen topic, you can join a secret chat where you can pose your questions and receive advice, or you even open a video chat with them, if talking aloud is more your thing. If you’re worried about sharing your identity, no need to worry, as the app offers filters to hide your face in the event that you’re not comfortable with showing it.

Still not sure the app is for you? Think about it: the app is secure, you can hide your identity, and you can ask all of the sex questions you have. There’s no need to spark up an awkward conversation with your friends or family about sex (we’ve all been there), and it’s probably cheaper than going to a doctor or specialist (if that’s something your question is related to), and you can get all of your questions answered when it’s convenient for you, and without leaving your house.

Something else to think about is sexual assault, and how one may feel or react in sexual situations when they’re vulnerable. We’ve seen so many people come forward over the past couple of months with sexual allegations, and it’s been an eye-opener of what can happen, and that it can happen to anyone. So, if you want to talk to a specialist in the app, you can pick one rather than be assigned to one. While searching, there will be little biographies about the person and may include a picture, a biography, and reviews from other users on the app who have dealt with this specialist. Know who you’re talking to before you do, so you can feel comfortable. Safety is always important, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as sex. Don’t feel the need go to some specialist that you don’t know or don’t feel comfortable with.

Red Lantern isn’t just for users, but for instructors as well. On the app, you can choose your workload and earnings, which makes your work not only profitable but comfortable as well. Not only will you be making your contribution to raising the levels of sexual literacy, but you’ll be helping people feel more comfortable in asking their intimate questions. By being an instructor on the app, you will be rewarded with virtual coins, which can be converted into real money.

While the app is sure to benefit both its users and instructors, it is not available to the public quite yet. While the website doesn’t specify a release date, there is an option to register for early access, and links to messenger and telegram for anyone who wants to stay up to date or has any questions.

For any questions, or to register for early access, visit their website at Let’s begin to build on our confidence and knowledge about sex. It’s about time we did.

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