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Magic Leap Takes a Leap of Faith with their Latest Technology

By Madison Kacir

Ever wonder what it would be like to look around your room and see your favorite video game or cartoon

Sharp Technology from EdgyBees

By Madison Kacir

No one can accurately describe the chaos that unfolds during natural disasters. First responders can't always successfully maneuver in high

Can’t Settle on a New Floor? Let Augmented Reality Help!

By Akudo McGee

When you think about virtual or augmented reality, you likely think of the videos that have been circulated throughout the

Red Lanterns is Here to Assist You with Your Sex Questions

By Nicole Fryer

When it comes to sex, everyone should be educated - and no, I don’t necessarily mean in knowing what they’re

Shopping with Apollo Box: What You See is What You Get

By Olivia O'Mahony

A critically important figure in countless stories from Greek and Roman mythology, the god Apollo has been depicted as the