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In today’s technology age, information is probably one of the most valuable commodities. If you have the correct information, one can do serious damage to other people or devices. You could assume someone’s identity, or even access confidential files. Needless to say, protecting this kind of information is one the top priorities for companies and government institutions the world over.

However, most times the bad guys work faster than the good guys. So our policies, along with our strategies, on how we protect this information change rapidly. Because of ever-changing policies and threats, there has been a recent uprising of companies whose goal is to find new ways to protect confidential information.

Remediant is one of the multitudes of technology firms to step up to the plate and try to find a solution to this prevalent problem.

Remediants main goal is to protect privileged and sensitive information. They have developed a software that utilizes the proper controls to protect top secret information and keep individuals with malicious intent away from it.

Where Lockheed Martin Found Failure, Remediant Created Solutions

One would hope that companies like Lockheed Martin would have no trouble keeping their information secure, however, because of new regulations, certain technology companies had trouble meeting the requirements.

They had countless employees and teams working on an in-house solution, but they were all either deemed inefficient, or too expensive.

That’s where Remediant comes in. They’ve designed a software and a protocol that is efficient low cost, and goes above and beyond the requirements needed.

Remediant’s Solution Guarantees Security

Founded in 2015, this cutting-edge technology startup has developed a software program and protocol that solved countless issues for technology companies in this industry. Their debut software program, SecureONE, fulfills all the requirements put on companies by the government, and even does so at a lower cost and more efficiently.

SecureOne was developed to meet the requirements that the Department of Defense has set in recent years. The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) has been implemented so companies with sensitive information will meet the specific security standards needed to keep that information secure.

In only weeks, Remediant created a software program that provided a dynamic and scalable solution. Their solution created minimal disruptions to Lockheed Martins 150,000 endpoints. Thus becoming more efficient and cost-effective than any other solutions.

Essentially, their highly sought after program limits the amount of time an individual has access to an account that is characterized as “privileged”. This method will shrink attacks on privileged accounts by more than 99%, while simultaneously reducing compliance gaps.

Features and Benefits of SecureOne

When asked about the benefits of SecureONE, Remediant was able to grab this quote:

“When seeking a PAM solution that could meet our requirements, ease of integration, reliability, and scale were all critical, and we couldn’t afford to compromise in any of those areas,” said Mike Gordon, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Lockheed Martin. “We needed a solution that the information security marketplace simply didn’t offer at the time.”

SecureOne comes with a slew of benefits for companies that utilize it. It features a continuous inventory of activities on privileged accounts. The administration will always be aware of the distribution of privileged access to accounts.

Other features include API integration and simplified compliance management. However, the two features of this program that sets it apart from other information security programs are the Zero Trust Protection and SecureONE Audit Log.

The Zero Trust Protection feature uses two-factor authentication to ensure only authorized individuals are accessing privileged accounts. Additionally, the SecureONE Audit log helps to identify existing compliance gaps so companies may work toward more solutions.

Bottom line, when you have something that someone really wants, they will do anything in their power to get it. With the technology available to people today, this is getting easier to achieve. For these reasons, we need to keep changing our security policies to keep one step ahead of the bad guys. However, we need our technology to adapt along with our policies. This is why companies like Remediant are becoming more valuable to our society as technology becomes more entwined with our every day lives.

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