The Making of a Artisan Startup

By Veronica Maria 4 Min Read

It is to be believed that many artisans have made the plight in making their business work. However as time has gone by, there is a tremendous interest in using technology. It is the main source in marketing, social creation and management and promoting their products. One way or another, startups have fought long and hard to stay alive. Many feel that the market for artisans are  taking a slump. Many can contend that artisans have a future in employing workers and making a stance in social media.

It seems as everywhere there is a name for a product or a usage. Whether it be sold in such places as farmers markets, flea markets or even online in such marketplaces like etsy or dwanda. Artisans make up for half or maybe all of the products sold online. You will also find startups showing off their goods. In London for instance, there is which feature mainly food items, like cakes, honey, oil, teas and coffees. There is also a category of American handmade food items.

This is one artisan startup that has found success, Rossi and Rei and they even found success overseas in Italy, where they first started. For the first month, the brand has made bags, sweaters, and hats. As an added bonus, customers will be able to customize each piece to their liking, choosing their own combination of colors, strap length, and other details. “Storytelling is the critical component here,” Rossi says. “We take time to make videos about the artisans and give the customer a glimpse into their studios. We want to use technology to create a real bond between the artisan and the person who will eventually be owning the product.”

It doesn’t seem to be a constant race. Especially when artisan startups are up and coming. It all depends on the durability and strength of the products. It is very distinct to have a product made by hand and another to share the wealth. The whole duty of the startups are to keep their customers happy. It is a very effective thing to just create, but it is effective to do something you love to do also.

This is the whole purpose of an artisan startups to form a bond with the craftspeople and to establish a common ground. For artisans are now finding their true voice and searching for that right marketing plan and mission statement. They each are exploring and innovating and in this fast paced environment, artisan startups are never abusing their entrepreneurship. They are literally learning from the public and their trends and making items that are not only cool to look at but can be good for the artisans economic situation. Sometimes the money earned from these artisan startups go to good causes. The company benefits from the successes of the startups. Alerting those who are barely starting to have a goal to work on. Because artisans are our future startup mavericks.

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