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The Making of a Artisan Startup

By Veronica Maria

It is to be believed that many artisans have made the plight in making their business work. However as time

Nigerian Startup Gamsole Makes Games to Improve Financial Literacy

By Akudo McGee

When you think of game development a few locations may come to mind, like Japan, South Korea or more specifically

Nigerian 3D Printing Startup Keeps Production at Home

By Akudo McGee

So you're at a shop and you pick up an item you really like, you may turn it over to

The Future of Farming Won’t Depend on Land or Soil: This Nigerian Startup Shows Us How

By Akudo McGee

So you're at the market, trying to opt for a healthy choice and you reach for organic salad greens, easy

Need to Book a Vacation in Nigeria? Hotels.ng has you covered!

By Akudo McGee

In the past two weeks, I've flown to two different continents and entered three different countries. Next month, I will

Tunapanda Institute: How One Startup is Tearing Down Barriers to Education in Kenya

By Akudo McGee

Among the most helpful tools for a better future is a good education. It's not unusual to see parents and

Small Shops, Big Dreams: Sokowatch Delivers Goods to Mom and Pop

By Akudo McGee

When we're shopping, we usually don't think about how or when products are ordered and stocked. Most times the items

A Startup Empowering Refugees with a Hand Up

By Akudo McGee

The large increase in people fleeing their homes to seek protection and asylum abroad has been coined a "crisis" since

Strapped for Cash? Kpolom is Giving it Back this Christmas

By Chikezie Oguamanam

It's Christmas again, and everyone is out getting gifts for friends and family. For many people around the world, the

A Silver Lining in the Cloud for African Startups

By Chikezie Oguamanam

Access to markets has always been a major barrier for entry-level technology startups. It's little wonder that many startups have

Hungry No More! Startup Tupuca Brings Food to Your Door

By Akudo McGee

We've all been there. Late night at the office with a grumbling tummy, exhausted after moving house with nagging hunger