Take Winter by Storm with 8k Flexwarm’s Heated Smart-Coat

By Olivia O'Mahony 5 Min Read

Oh, winter. How it toys with our emotions. The festive delights that the colder months promise are so often dampened by the change in temperature that strikes folks all over the world as hard as an avalanche; I don’t know about any of you, but my snow-angel creation capacity is at its best when I don’t feel like I’m going to lose a limb to frostbite thirty about seconds after I get up.

Winter is a time of tremendous potential for outdoor fun, but, when forced to choose between braving the cold and staying physically comfortable, it’s easy for the more cold-sensitive among us to end up staying inside, opting for yet another fireside cocoa. Now, far be it from me to slander the good name of Swiss Miss, but consider the following: what if there was a way to wholly enjoy the starry-skied December strolls, the ice-skating escapades, and the snowman-building sessions without feeling as though hypothermia could swoop in and kill the mood at any moment?

8K Flexwarm is a stylish collection of heated apparel specifically designed to give its wearer the ability to overcome the barriers created by cold weather, keeping them warm and comfortable no matter the time of year. And with a very believable 62% of people reporting that low temperatures are what stops them from exploring the great outdoors most of the time, a technology like this could be just what the doctor ordered.

And in this case, “technology” is much more than a simple buzz-word. 8K Flexwarm clothing is powered by one of a kind Flexwarm heating, developed over the last half-decade by a team of dedicated scientists. Controllable with an app the wearer can access via their smartphone’s Bluetooth tool, the Flexwarm heating element is just 0.5mm thin, allowing it to be printed directly onto fabric, and can keep the garment warm and toasty for up to 13 hours.

That means Flexwarm’s products are 50% more energy efficient than traditional carbon fiber heating technology, and, if you weren’t already feeling all warm and fuzzy just thinking about them, hear this: clothing from Flexwarm is powered by your typical 5V USB battery pack (rather than a more complex 12V version), meaning that if your battery becomes damaged or misplaced, it’s easy to locate a new one at your local electronics store.

The element’s lightness and flexibility allows Flexwarm wearers to enjoy a clothing line that is not only technologically brilliant, but lightweight, durable, and yes, even washable. The warmth it provides (up to 50 degrees celsius in 360 seconds) is enough to eradicate the need for heavier, bulkier layers of clothing, allowing for maximum movement, and, in the event that someone undertakes enough activity to work up a sweat, Flexwarm garments’ multiple heating zones (in the chest, back, neck, and belt regions) are independently equipped with high, medium, and low settings to guarantee that the optimum temperature is never further than a swipe away.

Flexwarm currently offers its innovative clothing model in a standard black jacket (£169.99, or $223, with four heating areas) and gillet (£139.99/$184, with one) for both men and women, with an expansion in the available apparel and color choices close on the horizon.

The pieces are athletically-cut and easily folded away into a bag or suitcase, with handy drawstrings to adjust the shape to any body type, and a pair of hidden, earbud-friendly pockets complementing the traditional side set. At this time, orders from all over the world are granted free international shipping.

8k Flexwarm is a registered trademark of Flexwarm Europe, a brand led by CEO Scott Brenchley, who has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector.

“Our focus at Flexwarm Europe is on our people and culture so that we can empower and encourage them to make exceptional, innovative clothing and charging products that are changing the face of the integrated wireless technology industry,” says Brenchley, proceeding to sum up: “We believe that the future is wireless and the possibilities are limitless.”

If 8k Flexwarm follows in the footsteps of Brenchley’s prior successful ventures – which include the highly-influential Tactus Group, a global brand supply and management company – it’s safe to say that things will be hotting up in no time.

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